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    I am the victims just like u ,i bought the game on the amazon...why they kept selling it...
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    *shakes head* UbiSoft.. What happened... If there is anything left of you after all this DRM, I hope you've learned a lesson here. You can't fight fire with fire.. it doesn't actually work. You just end up burning down everything.

    I've never seen so many pissed off paying customers in such a short time of searching forums.
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    Hi! I was pay the game, but i didn't receive a letter with a link to download. Maybe i do smth wrong? I live in Russia
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    I Think, ubi not going to solve the problem with DRM connection losts, whats a problem to solve this? Game released in 2010 and nothing to solve problem?
    Maybe developer just forget about the game, because they are important to release stable servers for AC series only?

    I buy this game yesterday and I was thinking all connetion problems solved, but not, I don't want play this game only in several days in week becouse DRM server has decided this. Thanks Devs!

    My first message, and i think in several hours i found my account banned...


    UPD: So when servers stand up? So i buy this for loking on cdkey and don't play?
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    I agree, totally don't care about us!!! where is a note (at least) about maintenance or whatever happened???
    WE PAY FOR PLAY not for troubleshooting
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    i think you pay for ubi can develop new ac and not support other older games
    yes, I am Angry for that
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    Settlers 7 Lag


    I used to play without problems but from one day to another, more or less a month ago, the game started lagging, it has become unplayable!

    I have windows 7(64bit), core i5 2,4 ghz, Nvidia GeForce GT540m

    Does anyone has the same problem, coul you help me?

    Thank you
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    Why won't you remove this drm like your other games. The games been out over two years, I downloaded it and it is still not working, I figured it'd be safe by now but no way. I hope you enjoy my $30 since I can't enjoy this game for more than 100 seconds. Thanks for making regular people seek out cracks to play a game they payed for, super awesome.
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    I had been unable to play for the last 3 weeks because I could not connect. Since this coincided with me having to replace my router (made by Netcomm) because my first one quit, I suspected that it was the router's fault. I tried everything, Ubi support, Rogers support,... The guy who sold me the router gave me another one (also Netcomm) to try but it didn't make any difference. Then he gave me another one but this one is made by a different company (ZTE Corp.). The new router is LTE ready. And now my game works.

    I have to get a Netcomm router back to try again just to make sure that is the difference.

    PS: Not only does my et.cetera account work, my sings_in_tune account, which was broken such that I could not load skirmish maps or open my mail, now works. Could the router do that?
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    No search multiplayer games - EMPIRE

    Hi All,
    not work last time I find Games "empire" - I'm still waiting for players, sometimes one player joins but that's it ... but then I'm still waiting for two more: (
    Do you have the same problem last week?
    Thx for reply
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