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    Graphical glitches- / even with antialising on application controlled/still minor glitches flickering/ connect problems- disconnects during map changes- talk about dejavu..
    i feel cheated.. ok so what i made a post, if no one likes it kiss me where the sun don't shine. back to front lines fuel of war, at lease that works
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    Way to stick it to UBI buddy... you knew the first one was a flop and instead of waiting for reviews from real people (In this forum) you went ahead and gave UBI your money for this one as well.

    Wait for R6V3 and do it all ove again!

    Now, if you want to play the game, quit yer whining and post up your system specs, driver versions, OS and everything else you can think off and explain better what you are dealing with... or you can continue to be upset and give your game away to me!
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    !! Another bite the dust

    You see we what happen now?.

    We see you never visited the old site RSV and read the posts that we been doing and reporting the Flaws of this "new multimedia" RSV2 that UBISoft just released .


    C'mon... Want2Snipe we know you wanna to play the game ... but don't abuse


    DirtH2o give a little of time to the Dev's to figure out what they did wrong, you know French Canadians are kind of ..."Lay back"

    Do as Want2Snipe says , so other ppl. can benefit from your mistake or see if we can give you a hand here.

    It will be another patch to fix this new patch, then another at the end of next month, and maybe that will start fixing some real Tech issues.



    But yeah .... for now that your best shot buddy. F.O.W.

    Or suck it up cuppycake and keep playing this glitchy, laggy game.

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