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    I reckon the ussr's IS 3 tank was the best tank of ww2 it was more than a match v the german king tiger.

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    Originally posted by einsatz:
    I am curious why people are even mentioning the Maus. I am assuming you just looked up the word "panzers" before making your post. First...1 Maus was ever built..and it was destroyed soon after. There were perhaps 10 Chassis even made for this thing. They also were not even meant for conventional tank warfare. Their purpose you ask? To plug weak spots in the Atlantic wall..they were mobile fortifications, not real tanks. In a 1 on 1 basis..even though it was fairly unreliable and used way too much fuel, the Koenig Tiger. The front armor was never penetrated, it's high velocity 88mm could destroy any other tank on the battlefield. Although I think I did read someone say something about its slow turret movement, it still used a system of gears to manually rotate its turret, while tanks like the Pershing began to implement electronic controls by the end of the war.
    I hope you knew I was joking, the Maus is probably one of the worst waste of materials in ww2. I believe only one was actually sent to combat, while the other was still in production. On it's way, it broke down, or got stuck in a riverbed(vaguely remember) and the crew had to destroy it before it ever saw combat. So no, I definitely do not think the maus was the best tank, at all.

    Anyways, IMO. I believe the best tank of WWII was the sherman(WTF right?), I will touch upon that some other time, i gotta run.

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    After recently revisited the Aberdeen Proving Ground again, I have to say, Panther isn't all that great of a tank. T34 on the other hand is about the same size as a Sherman M4A1. They did not have a Tiger I or II, but I feel Panzer IV is still among the best due to its size, cost production, many later variations.
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    I suppose you could liken the Panzer IV and all its varients to the Sherman in its degree of usefulness, it was still an effective tank even at the end of the war.
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    Hey, shouldn't the "best" tank of WWII be able to kill every other tank in a one-on-one situation and also be able to drive infantry out of their positions and instill fear in all who encounter it? There for I would have to agree with some of the other posts, the German King Tiger, it was probably the best tank of the war, as long as the ground could support it's vast weight.
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    Sorry for the late post
    But if I recall correctly, there were 3 Maus' produced and only 1 still exists as an empty shell in a museum.
    As mentioned in other posts a tank should be able to enstill fear and shock the enemy into submission. IMO there is no point comparing early war tanks to late war models as technology had advanced. When the Tiger I was pressed into service it was the most terrifying sight imaginable to an allied tanker, although the tiger was outclassed by late war tanks it still frighened the hell out of everyone when it was new to the battlefield. The T-34 had the same effect on the Germans when they first encountered it.
    The T-34 was undoubtedly the best tank to see useful service during the war. But after the war when the soviet union were showing off there new IS-3', Pattern was seen to turn to Monty and say 'Don't worry, we're still on your side'
    The best tank to be in if you are in a 1 on 1 would for me have to be the Jagdtiger (not sure on the spelling), it was a semi mobile pillbox of a tank and could decimate any tank of the war at unfathomable distances with its 128mm gun and stop and shell with 250mm sloping front armour.
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    Best Tank of the War?; PANTHER!.

    ( this is the Home of the German Panzer of Youtube!) Home of German Panzer!
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    'To bad the Sherman could defeat it, even the frontal armor, but that from what Ive researched, was fair game with in 300 yards. The bazooka could take it out at 50 yards easy. Turret, sides, and rear were all kill shots on the panther.'
    A bazooka could take out anything in 50 yards you ******. Doesnt the Russian IS 3 come into this? or US M26 Pershing?
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    It is hard to say this tank is the best World War II. Each tank advantages and dravbacks.But of if I had to choose a T-34 is a good choice, even though it is difficult say.But the real tanks PzV G "Leopard" and infrared optics.
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