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    Well I have a building and it has lights. I have a generator. When it gets shot it blows up. When it blows up the lights in the building are supposed to go out.

    They do not in game yet in editor if I press crtl-g and play and I shoot the generator it blows up. My smoke starts. and in 8 seconds stops. My fake light (the beam in the fog - a destroyable object) dissapears and my dynamic lights go out.

    The problem in game all the above works but the dynamic lights stay on.

    It makes no sence. I exported to engine. I generated lights. I did a AI generation. ALL to no avail.

    Any one know whats going on.

    the lights are set to disable on the destroyable object ON EXPLODE - the smoke and the delayed trigger which shut it off are also set to the same event and they work. In game!!!
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    Delete the level.pak and levellm.pak

    Then I rebuilt every thing. Textures - lights - ai.

    It apeared that lights which I had deleted a day or two ago were still shining even though they did not exist.

    I also generated my lights with all the lights that will go out out. after generating the lights - I enabled them all again and exported to engine - saved. Then I powerd up the game and was I happy.

    Any way I have resolved the issue.
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    glad to hear!
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