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    Game Freezes in Driver San Francisco multiplayer lobby

    Hello, Ubisoft. Nobody looks after DSF Forums, so:
    Originally posted by Ray76-RUS:
    Hello! I wrote to Ubi Support, but they don't know how to help me. My game freezes in multiplayer lobby everytime. Problem is not in my PC or local files. I tried to play on different PCs, but game freezes. Friend gives me to play by his accaunt, it's working. Ok what do you think? Game freezes on my accaunt.
    I tried:
    -to remove savegames
    -to update drivers
    -to reinstall game
    -to ask Ubi Support
    Maybe you can help me. And one guy has same problem:
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    Hi there,

    As I have posted in the Driver forum:

    Any specific game support questions or game issues, need to go to Ubisoft Support directly.

    These forums, are for community support only - If other members can help you, they will try to help, but they are not a replacement for the official support system.

    You can contact support via the links in my signature - remember that they may take upto 48 hours to replay - and you should always answer any and all contact from them to make sure they have all of the facts.

    The first contact you may get from them maybe a FAQ or some things to try - if this does not correct the issue, please make sure you inform them of that.
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    Has anyone ever found a solution to this? I am crashing every time I get to the lobby, about 2 seconds after I get into the car (at the menu, then it drivers a second and crashes/freezes. I cant get to the friends list because it crashes before I can do anything, I also read somewhere that you can delete friends through challenges....but I only have 1 friend on the leader boards and no option to delete.

    I wrote support about 2 weeks ago and asked if they can reset my Driver: SF account, or give me a new key and delete the one I have. The first 2 times they sent me automated messages telling me to open ports and all the other things unrelated to my problem.....finally 3 messages and 2 weeks later I get a message from a non-computer asking me what is happening, I told them I already wrote it in the first message, but I explained it again and told them its a problem with my account, nothing to do with my PC or connection. That was 2 weeks ago and still no response. I am really starting to believe everyone about Ubisoft and the devs not caring about their customers.
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    I was having problem with multiplayer (Driver.exe crashing when trying to run tutorials or join some game) and I've solved it disabling my Virtual box host-only ethernet adapter.

    Check if you have some virtual network device from virtualbox or some other virtualization system and try to disable it.

    Hope it helps
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    no its not anything with my PC, it has something to do with my account. I bought the game the other day for $1 on a different account and itworks fine, then I installed both accounts on my other computer and its on my old account (well not old only 2 months)

    So now I have a working version, but thats not the point I have a rank in the older one and its the simple point that I payed for the game (twice actually, once from steam and then again to upgrade to deluxe....doesnt work through the steam version or Uplay) and I expect it to work. or would at least like to see someone from Ubisoft try to help me.
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    Here's something that solved it for me. Tell me if it helped (Tested on Windows 7)

    1. Open windows firewall with advanced settings.

    2. create inbound and outbound rules to block driver.exe from the internet but DO NOT CLICK ON FINISH YET! set everything up but don't click on finish.

    3. Start DSF and open multiplayer. AS SOON AS THE GAME LOADS (when you're in birds eye view, before you shift into tanner's dodge), MINIMIZE THE GAME QUICKLY! Click on both rules "finish" and get back in the game. Now you shouldn't crash in the lobby, but game won't access the internet, which means you will be kicked out after a little while.

    4. Now the game is looking for connection so act fast before the game kicks you back. Enter your friends list and delete whatever friends you don't need, make sure you have less than 10 there ( my recommendation). If your friends don't appear in your friends list or you don't have any friends there, just freeroam for a while until it kicks you back to the main menu (what I've done).

    5. Quit DSF, delete both rules you created.

    6. Enter the game again and eneter multiplayer. Your game shouldn't crash now in multiplayer.

    I know, very weird solution but it worked for me. Please report if it worked.
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    I had the "freeze shortly after entering MP" problem. It suddenly manifested itself for no apparent reason when literally nothing had changed on my computer and I had been playing MP without issue just hours prior. I have this game on Steam, I tried verifying the game cache files, even deleting and reinstalling it. Nothing worked, unfortunately, that includes your solution KINGmatan.
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    But King, removing friends for you worked? Or did it start crashing again?

    Anyway, it is not through challenges that you delete friends, but through the multiplayer leader boards. When you’re in the lobby, don’t press ESC to get in the car, instead go to the bottom menu that is something like „leader boards“ or „best list“ or something like this. Find a game mode, then select friends, and start deleting. If you select „gobal leader boards“ or something like that, it might crash, or it might crash the first time you try to open. But this is nothing serious, it’s just overloaded because there’s a lot to load.

    Anyway… I don’t remember exactly how King did this. He somehow managed to access the friends list or leader boards list and delete some people. I think this was after I added him and deleted him again. Or maybe someone else deleted him… I don’t know… but his solution works he said, so try this maybe?
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    Well, attempting KINGs solution did allow me to access the friends list on the multiplayer menu, in my case this is empty. Your suggestion of using the leaderboard menu option is problematic, as with the rules blocking the internet connection you cannot access any actual information there. But without the rules in place it freezes before you can do anything.
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    I didn't need to delete friends... I think it just kinda fixed itslef lol, no idea how

    Anyways, sorry I couldn't help..

    Hopefully they will fix that before 2095.
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