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    I have played The Sands of Time (PC) and The Two Thrones (PC) and I've recently started Warrior Within (PC). I have two problems-

    (1) The voice over audio in the game sometimes do not play in sync. (sometimes it plays in advance before its event) with characters or do not play at all. One point in the game where Kaileena was telling Prince about the two towers and their mechanisms, the voice during the end of that sequence was totally skipped. My question: Is this bug? I heard there are lots of audio issues on XBOX but I use PC. If it is a bug are there any fix?

    (2) The shadow of Prince and other characters looks kinda weird. Only the weapon's shadow can bee seen most of the time. Prince's (and other character's) shadow are either screwed up, looks like a big blob on the wall when standing against a torch (happens with other characters too) or is not visible at all. I have set shadow settings to full and this happens. I never had shadow problems with TSoT and T2T. Only this game creates this problem. Is this a bug too? If so, how do I fix it? I tried using 3D Analyzer (using TSoT config to see if I can get believable shadow) but no good there!

    My spec:
    Platform: PC, Windows 2000 Pro SP4
    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core @ 2.5 GHz (E5200)
    Graphics: Intel integrated GMA 3100 (256 MB, Pixel Shader v2.0, No HW TnL)
    Sound: Realtek HD Audio
    Memory: 1 GB
    Installation: Full

    If the problem wasn't for game bugs, strange how The Two Thrones ran without a problem on the same Spec!
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    1) Many game players reported voice over stuttering and out-of-synch with the video situations.
    It does not affect the outcome of the game. It is unfortunate, but you do not need to adjust anything.

    2) The game was written for the video cards of the day. Hopefully someone familiar with pixel shading knowledge can advise you.

    3) By now you probably know how to tell the game to run on only one of your multiple cpus.
    The game was written when computers only had one cpu.
    If not, then the additional cpus in your computer may be attempting to "help" when, in fact, the additional cpu should be turned off so that it does not negatively affect the game.
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    For the voices, try going to the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and lower the hardware acceleration:

    1. Click Start
    2. Click Run
    3. Type DXDIAG in the textfield
    4. Press Enter or OK
    5. Click on the Sound Tab
    6. Lower the Hardware Acceleraton to: Standard
    7. Close the DirectX Diagnostic

    For the video issues, those cannot be fixed since you are using an Intel Graphics Card - If you upgrade to a supported video card from Nvidia or ATI, you should get better results.
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    Im having the same problem, but my laptop has
    windows vista with directx 10 and i cant find the hardware accelaration on the sound tab anywhere. any other suugestions?

    The game runs well, except for that glitch during the ingame cinematics where i hear everything before it all plays out.
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    problem in some games plx help me

    I am having problems with these games:
    GTA SA
    POP sands of time
    burnout paradise

    I have intel core 2 duo 1.83cGHz
    i have intel gma intel945 chipset family 224mb graphic card
    OS=windows xp sp2

    i want the 3d analyser settings for these.

    plz send the settings to my email adress= mhumza38@gmail.com

    i will be very thankful :I
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