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    Thanks fot the hints.. it worked. I have played the mission 2 times and the second time I used the military rush...:-) (normal level)
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    Damn this is difficult. Have tried 3 times and if I don't lose in 40mins, I lose in 1hr10.

    Of all the above posts that are useful, i've basically understood "get a stockpile of all the stuff you need". I NEVER use food to increase production - guess this is where I fail? I didn't know it was that important, whenever I do use it, food goes down unbelievably quickly.

    So, since there is loads of meat around at the start, I guess fancy food on everything to get the economy going rapid and take out the yellows while towering to the east is the win?
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    Best way to do it is to put the buildings using fancy food on "On Demand".

    That way for example you can make 20 swords quite quickly, but it'll only make those 20 swords when you need them to be made.
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    Errr, there's loads of farmland on this map. You realise you can build farms anywhere that there's grass on the floor right?

    I have 8 farms just from the first sector you take: http://img402.imageshack.us/im...s7r2010042623473.jpg

    And more being built in the sector to the right. There's certainly no lack of farmland.
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    last campaign is bit challenging .but at last u can beat that. i first made one lodge with two hunter giving ff

    (fancyfood).(so u can get 6 meat against 2 ff. and then i made one mounten smelter with single query giving ff. and then

    three woodcutter and two sawmills with no food. and then made 6 noble residence with 6 butcher with ff. so u can get net 3
    ff free.( total 12 ff from butcher - 6 ff to butcher - 1 ff to stone query - 2 ff to hunter= net 3 ff free)).u can give ff to sawmills if u like but i did not.

    that about original sector. during these all, from tavern , hire three muscuter and conquest first two sector near original sector.in the scenirio , you must hold toal six sector at any cost or u loose. two to right off original sector and three north from original one and original itself.

    now in first sector, i immediately made three gold mine and three coal mine and one storage house in middle.

    tips. "selling rings is very lucrative. u can get 6 gold coins selling 2 rings those only need one gold ore and one iron

    bar( one iron ore + one coal mine with iron smelter ).

    1 iron + 1 coal + 1 gold ore = 6 gold coin"

    but for selling rings, u need market or port, that is connected to north of 1st sector.so i made patient.and made two noble residance with coin producing industry giving ff. and earned some COINS.

    while coin producing , i made one lodge with hunter and three iron mines. and ordered the store house in original sector to get the meat. then i made three iron smelter.

    after geting coin , i made 2 to 3 muscterias and took the 3rd sector nothone.
    and then placing prestige object, i got building stronghold/church/export office point.and made export office.
    during this, i made one farm with wool shelfer and one well in 2nd sector.and one residence with cloth producer and one noble residence with garments producer.and puted 3 fisher in south of 2nd sector. and the deleted both coin producing insdutry. replced with gold smith.

    so now on i can get ring and garment very fast.

    the i made 5 hawkers for selling rings and garments.
    and then got trade post for purchasing iron bars (which is needed for rings,very lucrative and produce weapons for millitary
    ) and trading post for purchasing meat fancy food(for every thing to get 100% to 200% production).it is very easy afterword, produce 2 to 3 weapon smith.and cranck the millitary units.make one toolsoffice if needed.

    it is very easy to get coins,meat and ironbars (so on weapons) from now

    remember, during this, u have to hold all sector at any cost ,by upgrading to stone tower.

    u can get one vp by prestige object. 2nd vp for fieldmarcel. 3rd vp by gold coins 4th vp by abbey. 5th vp by reaching

    highest trade post in trade map. 6th vp by reaching at victory point destion in trade map. 7th vp by conquering special

    sector in the middle of map. during this u can get vp for killing 35 or more units.

    that's it.

    thanking u all.
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    <---- this was practically how the AI got beaten...

    First couple of try's i turtled since in this game, i kinda enjoy it but i PHAILED! Miserably with 6 VP's and i sat there watching how yellow AI snailed towards the last trade VP.. and at 5am, i was ready to quit!

    Then i found u spoilin spoilers of Spoil tellin me i should just ruuuush! and i WON!

    built nothing but muskets, went north to cap yellow (he does have 1 zone with tower) but 8-10 muskets are fine. Since the poor bugga loses his army to the neutrals (lol newb!) grab his castle FAST, dont go chasing his 1 man army or he will build the walls (2 towers) in time and then.. back in turtle-mode. Dont bother recappin if he tries to retake his zone, get the castle and he vaporizes.

    After eliminating yellow, just plow east to blue, dont stop for nothing. Blue down, go for green (seriously, they dont have anything up at this point) while moving with approx 8-10 muskets (and 2-3 cavalry just in case) just keep buildin muskets so u can take em down fast.

    Really dissapointed that it could be that easy, i hope for ur gameplays sake that the AI atleast builds the friggin walls in time lol

    Thanks for ruining the "Grand Finale" for me! i never should've come here, might aswell put a /kill switch in the center of the screen.

    Awesome game though!
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    oh yeah, build:

    2 Prestige objects (unlock church/strong..etc)

    Blacksmith (set to Fancy Food)

    Church (Train 9 clerics asap, research geo and the 2 movement ones. Also build a couple of houses so u dont get annoyed with the flashing arrow) ***make sure u have the 9 clerics and research all 3 at the same time or the AI sometimes grabs one of them***

    Stronghold (Train muskets nonstop)

    start cappin

    while u wait for the zone tickers, build quarry, lodge, goldmine (north zone) & Mint to keep the coinflow goin. A couple of minutes on FF maybe. Every time u get a reward, take the food and put it into coin/food(fish,north)/weap production. Hell im exaggerating.. U need 12-14 muskets to win the game..
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    I must admit, i played all levels normail never used the feedign option, Military is the way to go in this mission.
    Thanks for help it was a BLAST. Gonna play it again, now with extra optional feeding of my workers.

    A new addiction is now in my mind
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