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    Hi Everyone,

    Been loving the single-player campaign in Settlers 7, and I just made it to the final campaign map ("The Final Frontier"), normal difficulty, where Princess Zoe has to defeat the trio, and I was hoping for some tips/advice. Basically, what is the best approach towards tackling this map?

    I've noticed that there is no farmable land to speak of (and I've been unable to produce working farms/barns for any agricultural product, including wool). So my gut is telling me to create a gold-producing enterprise and go Trade/Military to dominate. What build orders do you use?

    Thanks for your perspectives and advice!
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    In my 1st mission 12 attempt i defended only. I built 30 or so troops and focused on producing gold and such. I had 4 sectors by the time the AI got bored with me and all 3 teamed up to take me down. I stood no chance vs 3x30+ army's :/

    On my 2nd attempt i only won because i attacked the AI sectors, and only when one of them was there, this way i could win. So i kept pushing on them and attacking if they started to build their army up. This made it so they never built up an army that could threaten my sectors.

    I won with a couple of military points and the rest were random ones.
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    Did you basically import all of your grain? How did you deal with the lack of farmable land?
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    Actually, this mission was very easy. I just have finished it and I will share some tips:

    1. The easiest way to win is focusing only on military branch. At the beginning build a stronghold and blacksmith. Recruit some soldiers(mainly musketeers) and invade Balderus' lands. After that focus on Green and Blue. They have very weak armies, so the only one problem is their towers. It is important to fast develop your stronghold to cannons, which can face stone towers. And keep them at bay.
    2. Food you can provide by hunters & butchers. Give up on piggeries, as there are no fertile lands.
    3. It is possible to win by Tech/Trade, but I suggest focusing only on ONE branch at the time.
    4. Don't let enemies to develop too much.
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    I've done it in 2 tries.
    There is more than vertile ground on the 2nd land (near the water) for 3 grain farms, also on two lands further (left, with the stones and two fishing grounds). It took me a long time, but not too much trouble and no attacking. Just victory points.
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    I finally beat it after many attempts by using all 3 trade science and military (normal diff). it was very tough and had trouble defending my 5 territories while keeping their victory points at bay.
    i previously tried focusing on military branch but got nuked by their huge armies before i could manage 10 troops. tried again with trade / science with marginally more success but lost in the end to victory points before finally winning on the 3 prong approach.
    Its amazing to watch 15 decked out knights with the charge research defending a father enhannced fully fortified keep + 50% tech fortification bonus defend against almost 100 enemies. Then i rolled over their weakened armies to secure the last victory points before they could rebuild. what a blast.
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    I just got to that mission as well, and haven't played it yet, but I did look at the map. Although there isn't any farm land on your starting location, there are two areas with grass if you attack top-right, and then right.

    My plan right now is to take 4 neutral zones (2 to the top and 2 to the right) with hired soldiers, and then turtle behind the resulting 2 choke-points.

    My first game I'll try to go with science, as that's what I've been doing so far. But if it doesn't work, I'll go for Trade.

    I think getting those 2 farmland zones will be crucial.
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    i just did it in hardmode
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    There is actually some farmable land in the starting sector. Down to the right of the castle. It's covered in trees to begin with but 3 woodcutters focussed on that area clears it just in time for the farm and grain barn to be built. Took me 5 attempts this one, superb.
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    You can definitely farm some of the zones, but for me the key was keeping your focus on ONE path to victory at a time...I started by making sure that my military was chugging along nicely, then switched to trade, then wrapped up by making my research branch sing. I'm sure there's other ways to to do it. Has anyone been able to make their military so strong they could begin decimating the enemy and taking over all the zones? Because I could never pull that one off! I always had to play defense and win via other victory points...

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