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    Rainbow Six 3/& black arrow has been the best online game i have ever played. despite the graphics, the gameplay was simply amazing. Lockdown was a terrible addition to the rainbow six series. now Vegas doesn't even feel like rainbow six. What happen?

    does any one agree that ubisoft should at least remake black arrow for the 360? maybe just update the graphics a bit
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    OMFG. I completely agree man. I'm so bummed that NONE of the rainbowsix games are anything REMOTELY close to Black arrow

    This was handsdown my most favorite game I've ever played multiplayer on. So much strategy involved and so many different guns that were on par with each other.

    The choice of gun literally boiled down to your play style, in all these new games its not a matter of 'preference' anymore, its the freaking Tar21 or the Famas [in Rainbowsix Vegas], or the Commando. All other guys completely blow compared to these 3.
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    I totally agree.
    A have played all pc versions of rainbow six and all after 3. just aren't that.
    I just started to reed the BOOK. Original source of these games. And reading I more and more understand how far we have gone from original strategic shooter Rainbow six. In latest versions are no more realistic things except the look. Rainbow six have became just one more action shooter - don't we already have enough of them.
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    I completely agree black arrow was and is the shizz, i'd much rather play it then his vegas ****. please ubi remake black arrow with new graphics and some of the scarce good new features in vegas like snake cam n shooting through cover. **** ill pay 60 bones for a updated black arrow. ubi sold out when it made the vegas series end of story. and please no more regenerating health, its not halo.
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    I concur on this as well. Those that think the "next gen" Rainbow games are soooooo great, didn't experience the thrill of a 3 or 4 hour clan match where it came down to the final kill on Streets Of Milan, or didn't experience a playoff clan match on the old Gamebattles or Team Compete sites. They probably never just played for hours in a server playing round after round of Garage or Presidio, or killing stupid people that walked next to red barrels on the airfield in airport! Nothing can come close to duplicating the fun that was Rainbow Six 3 and then Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow online on the original box. All of us old school Rainbow players understand, because it's still hands down the best online experience we've ever had. I respect the next gen quality of the story and killer graphics on Vegas, and I enjoy the story mode on Vegas and Vegas 2, but when you get to the multiplayer, it loses its luster after awhile. As another poster said earlier in this thread, I really hope Ubisoft could bring a new version of Black Arrow for the new consoles out, with some new maps and maybe the snake cams and a couple other Vegas items, but leave the gameplay alone. The fun was in the strategy, and learning how to be a good individual player in all aspects, not just find the best gun and spray. Ubisoft, please listen to us, and bring back our favorites.
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    Does anyone still play RB63 for PS2?
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    I still occasionally play it for Xbox, but not online. I only played a few games of either RB63 or Black Arrow (can't remember which) online. I kept getting put into foreign rooms so the lag was bad.

    But the gameplay in the original Rainbow Six games (for the consoles) was hands down the best. Far better than this **** in Vegas 1 and 2 (both of which I refuse to include the title rainbow six or Tom Clancy).

    Although I haven't yet had the privilege of playing the original PC games, I can get a half-decent idea of what they were like. Black Arrow had no stupid regenerating health and was much more realistic. You didn't have to put a ridiculous amount of bullets into a terrorist to kill him, the terrorists behaved more realistically, and so much more. Even the movement was different. It was less smooth, which I think was supposed to simulate realism and discourage running and gunning. You could open doors quietly instead of only throwing them open like in Vegas. There was the lean feature which was more realistic and far superior than the current cover system. I could go on and on.

    UBI started selling out on Rainbow Six after Lockdown. They made it into another fun and gun, cheesey hollywood movie-style action game that isn't anything special. Rainbow Six used to be special because it was unique. It took a chance at making a semi-realistic shooter and I think UBI did well with it. Now they just went the way of every other gaming company - they don't care about making Game of the Year-worthy games as long as their profits continue to soar by making craptastic clones of other games (that stay true to their genre for the most part) like Halo and Gears of War.
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    From time to time I'll pop in to R63 or BA coop Terrorist Hunt.

    I'd like to regain my #1 legit status on R63 in coop. Maybe I'll try over the summer.
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    Does anyone still play R6:3 on xbox I never got a chance to play its multiplayer I didnt have xbox live.
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    I honestly don't know. I only played it a few times, and that was YEARS ago. I wouldn't suspect many still play it, if any. Although there's a chance that many of the hardcore players still play it from time to time. It's worth checking out, the gameplay is far better than Vegas.
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