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    How can I change this? I live in Canada and born on January 1 1990.

    Please help!
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    Originally posted by TheNineBall2011:
    How can I change this? I live in Canada and born on January 1 1990.

    Please help!
    I am so sorry meant to say I was born on January 29 1990. Major typo. but when i tried to change it as well as my country to Canada where i live, it said to go to ubi support but i cannot see what to do from here other then ask.

    So please someone help me.
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    I accidentally entered the wrong date of birth and now it won't let me watch the trailers I want to see. How do I reset this so I can enter my date of birth again?
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    same question, any replies?
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    How do I change my country or date of birth cause I entered the wrong one I put January 1, 1988 which is wrong the right one is May 7, 1988 but I don't know how to change it that's all I need help changing so if you could help I would that would be great so thanks.
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    Same here...

    Come on Ubi guys!!! Start thinking about your customers...
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    Hi All,

    With Uplay account issues - you need to contact Ubisoft Support directly.

    You can do so via the links in my signature - just select 'ask a question' and explain the problem there.
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    Same thing but I got my date of birth wrong, I was looking at the end number only so i got 1999 instead of 1989.
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    If u can log in on the website, go to edit account (the pencil next to your name)
    Then in the middle of the page click "edit my account" again
    You will be asked for your country and birth date and u can enter new values for them.

    If u forgot wich birthdate u entered, go to "shop" there press "help" in the upper right corner
    there i was able to log in without a prompt asking for my birth date
    And then just follow the above steps
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    This looks really great.
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