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    Hearing how much Ubi hates sales of Wii games and looks to focus on other systems, when will they actually advertise games like this or RS2? I haven't seen any commercials on TV yet, this is a legit questions.
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    Very legit question. And I hate to say it but, it most likely will be getting about as much exposure as NMH1. Which means...next to none. =/ So lame!
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    Theres not much publicity going out for this game. just like with NMH1.NMH2 is being released on the same day as Mass Effect 2, MAG and something else. Mass Effect 2 and MAG will both Overshadow the release of NMH2.
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    From the looks of it... No

    Ubisoft have only have themselves to blame if this game doesn't fare as well as their other titles. Let's hope they have at least something prepared other than trailers and teasers.
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    Originally posted by primogen18:
    Hearing how much Ubi hates sales of Wii games and looks to focus on other systems, when will they actually advertise games like this or RS2? I haven't seen any commercials on TV yet, this is a legit questions.
    Having read the financial statement I can assure you they made no reference to 'hating' Wii games
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    They must hate something about the Wii because a week until it hit stores, zero TV ads, zero print ads, zero videos, zero wallpapers on site. Publishers whine about low Wii sales and small markets. Yet they do crap promotions like they are for No More Heroes 2 and wonder why no one is buying the game.

    It's because Wii owners don't know that the game is out! Even Capcom created a new ad for the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.
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    Seriously though...this game would be HUGE if people that don't know about it, knew about it. Not going to lie though, IGN, 1up and some other sites/mags are dping good at promoting it. I'm glad someone is...
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    Part of a commitment to making a great game greater is advertising it. Letting the uninformed masses that a game like this exists. It also shows me that there is at least some enthusiasm behind the game that a company is publishing. Where's the excitement? Does Ubi share any for this game? I've seen the trailers and teasers released online, and they're awesome. Sure many of them are not appropriate for television, but I'm sure there's more than enough material for the marketing division to use to make a television-appropriate commercial for the game. If the financial data shows no indication of Ubi 'hating' the Wii, which I believe is a bit of a stretch to conclude (the part of Ubi hating the Wii, not the data contradicting it), where is the drive to show a game on the Wii, especially a game as hotly anticipated as this, some courtesy in the form of advertising?

    Heck, while I'm thinking about it, here's a snare. If Ubi does lots of advertising for NMH when it arrives on the 360, and little to none for NMH and NMH2 on the Wii.... well, I won't have to say what that is going to say about Ubi's attitude towards the Wii.

    Edit: One other thing. Red Steel 2. Looks to be another high profile game. However, why even announce a 50% reduction in a sales plan? That's incredibly harsh, and it doesn't paint a good picture of Ubi's confidence in this game. Sure the article I read stated that Ubi said the reduction doesn't mean anything regarding the quality of the software, but it speaks volumes about their attitude towards its success in the market. Again.... we'll see if any effort at all goes into advertising when that game nears release.
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    Gametrailers, out of no where, posted up 4 exclusive teasers.
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    I'll say this much.. NO.

    Seeing as this sequel has been on my radar for a while, I've been waiting for the mass promotion it deserved. There was none.

    The only way I learned it was finally out? my friend just called me ecstatically proclaiming that it was on the store shelves, and that he was buying it.

    Where's the commercials? the ads? the flyers dropped from helicopter?
    I'm the "average joe consumer" that fits within Ubi's demographic. Yet.. this didn't reach me how?

    Someones dropping the ball.
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