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    I'd really like to see a system for DLC missions/episodes.

    A map editor and contest to create same would be very cool.
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    I'm completely down with the idea of having a multiplayer system (I think having like 4-on-4 online team battles would be INSANE).

    Idk about zombies on an RS game...maybe if it was like a mix of Resident Evil and COD Zombies, but I think the idea of an arcade-type mode would be better suited.

    The story and graphics in RS2 were very nicely done, but if another RS game is made, I would like it to have a more RPG-ish feel to it...more open areas and freedom to explore, loot, buy items and upgrades, and be able to choose when to advance in the story.

    I also would like it if there was some way to continue your game after beating the story (kinda like in the first Zelda game for NES, remember the 2nd Quest?)

    Those are a few of my ideas, but a lot of the other ideas mentioned here sound pretty good too.
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    I have a few suggestions for Red Steel 3:

    <LI>The levels in the campaign create a sense of an open world, but the levels seems quite empty and there was a constant feeling of isolation (I'm not sure if this was intentional, though). Creating a campaign with more free-roam options, such as more side missions and the ability to back-track to other areas would be a welcome addition. Unfortunately, I have no good suggestions on making the game feel less "empty", other than adding more characters and more enemy encounters.
    <LI>Better end-game balance would alleviate the over-powered sensation further in the game. This can probably be solved by buffing the enemies later in the game.
    <LI>Addition of achievements. There pointless, but damn there addictive!
    <LI>And of course, the addition of more weapons, items, and skills.[/list]

    <LI>Multiplayer would be incredible if it were as fluid as the campaign in RS2. The only multiplayer mode I can think that has not already been mentioned would be something like "Clan war", where a team of Kusigari competes against a team of Katakara (or some other clan from the game) to complete objectives and kill each other. No scenarios come to mind at the moment, though. Also, adding some form of progression (leveling up, acquiring new skills and weapons with level ups)and character customization would make the multiplayer all the more addictive
    <LI>Some form of co-op would be good, although it would probably need to be done in something like a challenge or survival mode.[/list]

    It was announced earlier that development originally wanted to implement the Wii vitality sensor into the game. Although I don't really know how the sensor works, I do have one idea how it could be used. The sensor is used to measure the pulse, which would definitely increase after a bit of flailing the wii-mote. The sensor could be used to measure "fatigue" in the game, in other words, as your pulse increases, you "fatigue" would increase, and the character would suffer penalities as a result, such as reduced melee damage.

    The other ideas already mentioned in the earlier posts are great, so there is no need to expand on them or re-list them. Keep the good stuff coming!

    Also, sorry for the unnaturally lengthy post.
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    To me Red Steel 2 its one of the best games if not the best game for Wii. They should make a third one, for the Wii or, preferably for the Wii U.
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    1.) I would like to see the more advanced gun-play from Red Steel 1 brought back to the game. RS2's gun-play leaves much to be desired. The improved sword-play in RS2 was great (though I wouldn't mind seeing a less... arcane style of swordplay. Closer to the realistic moves found in RS1. Combining the gun-play of the first and swordplay of the second would make a game that's infinitely enjoyable, for both sword fans and fps fans.

    2.) I personally don't like the faux-anime graphics in RS2, and would prefer to see a more detailed, realistic style brought back to the game.

    3.) I love the East-meets-West future steampunk cowboy motif of the second game. I hope they keep it for a third. Perhaps place the game in Japan between the Edo and Meiji eras, when Japan was being opened up to the West?

    4.) Longer game. I beat it in just a few days, playing casually.

    5.) Better customization, both for weapons and characters, and more open and less linear story-line. Maybe not a full-on sandbox, but definitely more choice as to where and how the story evolves.
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    I think we need a bigger back story and more areas to move about in like fall out or something i love the idea of going into a store and buying stuff i also think you should be able to go into a mission without having to travel like have a free travel mode and story mode i would pay lots of money for that love red steel.
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    I've played this game enough times to know that you guys had a lot of stuff planned but didn't not put all of it in. It seems as if you guys wanted to do more, but for some reason couldn't and the game feels unfinished in many ways. There are several ****ons that are left unused. The Nunchuck was virtually useless. And the Money system seemed as if it was last minute thing. However, the move list is so robust, I get the feeling that that's where most of the development time went. And I thank you for that, because Wii needed it.

    But now with the Wii U. You have everything you could possibly need. Great Online, great graphics, a lot of power, etc. So now you guys can really go all out on it. That means better Campaign, Great Online, DLC (Not Day one DLC, I'm talking several months after the game comes out.), More Weapons, and most of all, better combat.

    The Combat was great. But I feel you could have added more. Like C & Z ****ons were used for nothing more than a menu system. I feel it could have been used for secondary weapon or crouch or even jump or ADS. Also the nunchuck could be used for more than well nothing. We could dual wield weapons. I know the Nunchuck isn't as advanced as the Wiimote plus. but I know it's capable of using a secondary knife to either block or hit another enemy. (Like your fighting one enemy and another comes up behind or beside you, you can flick the nunchuck in the direction and stab or block him while still maintaining dominance over the first enemy.) I liked that the character ended up having a robust combat system with what seems to be an unlimited number of moves to pull off on your enemy. I would like that to return, but with enemies that are still challenging. By the time you got to the end, enemy's were a breeze.

    I also think that reducing waggle would be great as well. So with every swing, you will have to wait at the most 1 or half a second till you are able to swing again. Reducing the ability to waggle. I feel when people feel they are about to die, they waggle and often times pull off a win. And if we are to have a Multiplayer, having this time to carefully plan our attacks will make the game more fair and favor those who use skill.

    Of course like I said better money system. Bashing crates got boring really fast for me. More side quests and other ways of obtaining weapons or currency or whatever would make the game significantly better and more rewarding and would give more opportunities for more characters, character development, and most importantly FUN FUN FUN.

    I do like the Tablet for the Wii U, but because the Wiimote was so underused this generation, I feel it is best that this game remains a Wiimote Only game. I think the Tablet could be used for Menue options or Maps, but I believe the core gameplay should always be wiimote only. I play shooters on the Wii often and wiimote controls are not fleshed out, because then we would have an over powered advantage over CCP or Traditional controller players. So if this was to be made for the tablet or traditional controllers, many of the things we want from the combat and over game, just would not happen, because you would have to accommodate for traditional controllers. This game is not made for those controls.

    Oh yea Archery as well. I don't know why I want Archery, I just want Archery in "Hardcore" game and this seems like a perfect fit.

    I also find that the Red Steel series has been made more like demo to show off the wiimote than a game that truly takes advantage of it. I hope that you make it as an actual game than showcase.
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    I have also come back to ask for a Red Steel 3 on wii u. This franchise is fantastic in its core mechanics, its one of the most advanced motion control input systems ever made. You cant just throw something like that away.

    Make red steel 3, and put some top level production values behind it. Gah, an open world game like red dead, with red steel 2's combat mechanics? Have mercy. This franchise has the potential to be huge.
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    I'm late to the party, as always, but I'd like to throw my two cents in.
    1. I want multiplayer. Online would be nice, but I'll take local in a heartbeat. As broken and ugly as it was, I had a blast with the first Red Steel's local multiplayer. It's criminal that multi was cut from the followup before launch. Though, to be fair, with the sales of the game Ubi may have made the right call in the end. Why spend money improving a game that few will buy? Then again, the one may have contributed to the other. Not playing local multiplayer with friends certainly cut down on word of mouth advertising in my circles. Who can say though? Still, multiplayer in some form or fashion for Red Steel 3, if it ever happens.
    2. Since the second Red Steel was so different from the first, why not continue that tradition with the third and make something that is more of a spiritual successor than a sequel (though with the same amazing combat please), much like the final fantasy sequels do--similar themes and gameplay but with massively different worlds? I really enjoyed the steampunk mashup of east and west in RS2, but I'd like to see something new again for the third: outer space, cyberpunk, sword and sorcery (with guns), whatever. Someday I might like to visit Red Steel 2's setting again, when and if it ever becomes feasible to fully realize the concept and open it up into an open world. For now though, keep up the switch-ups. Bring on a whole new setting to explore... or not. Whatever.
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    I'm very sorry for taking so long to get around to Red Steel 2 Ubisoft, I hope it's some consolation that my loss is probably greater than yours. I had RS2 on my wishlist since it came out, but it was only when I bought a Wii U that I finally treated myself to it (well, Zombies aren't really my thing) and I have to say it's an amazing game. I wonder if sales suffered because of the first Red Steel?

    Anyway, if Red Steel 3 is made for the Wii U it will be a pre-order purchase for me as long as it retains the motionplus gameplay mechanics. As for improvements, I agree with all of the comments suggesting an open world feel to the game (or at least an overarching map would be useful, rather than just of the area you're in). Another thing I'd like to see be done away with are the tutorial videos: they're not necessary and take you out of the world, detracting from the gaming experience. I'm not really a fan of westerns or SciFi either, that's usually enough to put me off a game (well done for overcoming that!) and I wholeheartedly second the person who wrote:

    Originally Posted by T-Z320 Go to original post
    1.) Perhaps place the game in Japan between the Edo and Meiji eras, when Japan was being opened up to the West?.
    Please make this happen, it's actually a pretty unique gameplay experience that could be hugely successful with the right marketing.
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