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    That's strange because Master Collector acts like the other artifact achievements, so you just have to posess the different set pieces at one time (not all of them together) to gain it.

    In fact I got Master Collector before I got every other set achievement.
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    Hm...lovely. So either I'll need...technical support to fix it...wait for a patch to fix it...or hopefully go through the Campaigns again and get it to register.

    Unless someone has had this too and knows of a solution besides the above, heh.
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    Originally posted by Tsyac-Enigma:
    Master Collector may or may not be bugged, or partially glitchy. I've made a seperate post asking anyone to speak up about it if they've seen it.

    But to be clear, I've collected all 7 sets throughout the entire first 4 Campaigns (plus the Prologue) and equipped them and even gotten their respective achievements. But it seems Master Collector feels like being stuck at 6/7 even though my other achievements clearly show that I've otherwise got 7
    Same thing has happened to me except Ive completed 5 sets and yet it has me down with 4/5
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    I haven't found a way to check how exactly the achievement triggers in HoMMVI register your progress, so most of this is pure speculation
    As I said before the sets and the collected sets work differently, they don't seem to be linked. So it could be possible that the set counter of the Master Collector is bugged, counting not a set piece in a specific occasion but another artifact instead.
    Do you have already the "Dragon Utopia" achievement? If I counted correctly there or around 140 artifact (including the set pieces and minus the scrolls) in Heroes VI, maybe finding more of the them unlock another set?
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    Aye, I got Dragon Utopia on what...the 2nd or 3rd campaign? I think it was the 2nd, very early...being the full map clearer I am for first-time playthroughs, that's no surprise.

    I've gotten all the artifact achievements except that one...and collected some pieces of sets more than once, in a few cases whole sets more than once.

    If someone can confirm that the artifact achievements can work in Skirmish or Scenarios, I'll just make a map in the Editor with every artifact that exists and go pick them all up...even though I could swear I'd say I have done so in Campaigns anyway.

    Some set artifacts (as well as normal ones) have been obtained via Hero kills though, so that might be an issue...who knows.

    But it's 500 points staring me in the face that I should have, bit annoying really.
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    Follow up on Divine Absence:

    I got it with Uriel casting it several times (took me three times). You can't let any stack end the turn with Divine Purpose. What this meant for me was to delay the action of most of my shooters -- Uriel's initiative is high enough that *if* he casts Divine Purpose, he'll do it before your units come back around -- and then nuke the hell out of whatever stack he blessed.

    Just make sure no stack ends the turn with the buff.
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    To follow up on what I said above...

    I just made a custom map with all 190 artifacts in the game Editor placed onto the ground in the map, 4 which become a Moon Disc upon picking them up, 4 which become a Tear of Asha upon picking them up and 1 which transforms into a Golden Goose after a few weeks of having it equipped. This also includes all Quest Artifacts, Potions, Scrolls and Set Artifacts too...everything.

    I then loaded the map up in Skirmish and took it upon myself to loot all of them with Kiril, the Dynasty Hero that got saved after finishing the Inferno campaign.

    The result? No change...still 6/7 on Master Collector.

    What a pain in the arse.
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    Hey guys! Was wondering if you could help me with the Reversal/Repentance achievements. During the Sanctuary campaign I decided straight away I was going to promote Irina to basic blood (which I did in the first map) then promote her to advanced tears. Everything was going well, I finally got to 1000 tear points on the 3rd map, however, it would not allow me to change to advanced tears.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Or is there another way I'm supposed to do it?
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    Same for me Damian. I never could go from basic blood to advanced tears.
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    I had the same problem but my guess is because I got 1000 blood points before I got 1000 tears points. I strongly fear that it only allows you to get the advanced side of the first 1000 points you reached... Did you reach 1000 blood points before the 1000 tears one ?
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