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    Hey Seir

    Is it possible that I can get the 3DS max files for the three mesh files wagon_a_ride.msh, cannon_a.msh and rail_bridge.msh. I need these objects because I can't get the bones right in my own howlitzer cannon wagon and I need the rail bridge mesh for the completion of my Zancara Train package so I can finish and publish the map and the train package.
    Hope That you can help me out here.

    Best Regards
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    Thanks for that. It's was a very fast response. But that wasn't the files I was talking about. These I have in the game. It was the 3DS max files I needed. Please let me know if I can get them or not.
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    Lets say i could try to get them for you but im on duty till wednesday 7AM GMT+1 and i dont have all progs needed. But i can tell you how to get it:

    Use this process to convert an extracted binary mesh file to .3ds to allow you to use 3ds max to work on it.


    1. Download and unpack the tool using this link.

    MshConvert118.7z - 491.4 KB

    2. Select if you want the whole .msh file or just the LODs, Hooks, Collision meshes, shaddow meshes, etc, then open your binary mesh.
    2. In the menu output->Other (Max) option check "limit name to 10 chars"
    3. Go into Save Options and change UV paramters into this: (this is important)

    U offset 0
    V offset -1
    U scale 1
    V scale -1

    4. In the file menu chose save and put it into a temporary folder as 3ds.

    5. Open 3ds max and select "Import".

    6. Navigate to your temporary folder and select the 3ds file.

    It should now be ready to edit....

    2nd way:

    Usi this - detailed intructions inside - those arent plugins made for our game but as modders we need to know how to fix the unfixable

    DAOImportExport5.30.7z - 1.1 MB


    And im buying new server for COJ2 to start with my MOD project wich i hope Gazitron and other active modders will support so i cant wait to test you new map for server
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    I'm sorry but none of those solutions you gave me can help me. MSHconverter is only for text based msh files and the other one can't I try out because I only have Maya. But thanks anyway for trying to help me.
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    Nope. Maya uses md or ma and not 3ds. This is only 3ds Max files.
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    But when you got converted files to 3ds you can convert them to maya with one of few converters
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    Did you actually try it by yourself because all what your have suggested don't work. It will work on text based msh files and the the msh files in COJ-BIB isn't text based.
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