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    So I currently have two major issues with playing AC:B multiplayer with friends.

    1) It seems about 25%-50% of the time I queue in a party with a friend, we end up in different game lobbies. Is there a reason for this? It seems as if halfway through the queue, we get put in separate queues.

    2) Is the only way to make 100% sure you play together again to back all the way out, re-form the party, and queue again? It seems as if there is no way to -- once a game has finished and you're sitting in the lobby -- continue on together as a party. At that point its like you're both just solo players queuing as such (i.e. if you both hit "rematch" you're doing it on your own, and if you hit "quit" you're both pushed back out to the menu screen and not in a party).

    Can anyone offer help with regards to these issues?

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    Yeah, ridiculous... whole matchmaking seems like it was designed by a newbie. I was having the same issue, I guess you can always try to join your friend from the friends list, but for me its usually "unreachable" - even if there are still empty slots in the lobby. I don't have this issue anymore tho, since everyone who I knew who played AC:B already moved on to Crysis 2, so hurray Ubi - you fixed that!
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