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    For all issues related to keys, please contact our support team directly.

    Also, please do NOT create a new account after you re-install the game. Each key is bound to the first acount it is used with.
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    hi i just bought this game ....installed it already but when i come to right the istall keycode hes telling me that its already in use....i never played this game...can you help pls 10x kevin
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    wtf i was playing now i aint says i account shared HOW wtf!
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    my key wnt wrk, iv been temporarily banned becuz of me constantly tryin, plz help!! i am very angry at the fact this key wnt wrk!!!
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    if got the same **** i got the game from a friend and i cant play it it becous the key is already been used
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    Merci d'avoir contacté le service client Gamesplanet

    Nous avons bien reçu votre demande et un numéro de référence [266545-1302160442] vous a été assigné.
    Ce numéro de référence vous aidera à suivre l'état d'avancement de votre demande.
    Nous nous engageons à vous répondre le plus rapidement possible de façon claire et efficace.

    Si vous souhaitez nous recontacter à propos de votre demande actuelle, merci de répondre à cet e-mail en laissant le numéro de référence entre parenthèses dans le sujet de votre e-mail.

    Votre Service Client

    WTF .... i don't even speak this lingo
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    <span class="ev_code_RED">***EDIT***</span>
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    Well ... i got sick of not being able to enter my cd key so i sent a couple of screen shots (using fraps) to serviceclient@gamesplanet.con and am currently awaiting a new cd key ... contact the above email adress with account details and 2 pictures (1 upon entering cd key, and 1 after hitting the "ENTER" button) ... they will then get in touch with you shortly afterwards
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    I done the update after 2 monts of not playing and now i suddenly need to re enter my key??
    I lost it and now im screwed! wy the hell doen't my ubisoft account link anymore? tyeez!
    i want an solution fast.
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    well ... i got a reply on friday from the service desk and they state that they are awaiting the makers go ahead to issue me a new cd key and that could take a week to get the go ahead ... so far since paying nearly $70( NZD) i have had to await for nearly 2 months to get the downloads and cd key and not even been able to play this game
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