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    Installed yesterday. Played first mission

    Went to play today...

    Says 'Log in failed Please check username and password and try again.'

    Now, I have checked and checked, even reset the password a couple of times. Rebooted the computer too.

    It still will not let me play...

    Anyone got ideas as to why its not working ?
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    I"m having the exact same problem it worked fine yesterday,Is Ubisoft aware of the problem and when will it be Fixed !!!!??????
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    I have the same problem. Have just played one mission yesterday, but today it don't accept my password even after I changed it.
    Maybe I have made I mistake when I bought this game ?
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    I am just trying a re-install to see if that makes any differance.

    Made no differance, looks like a technical problem at the authentification stage
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    Yet another can't log on, changed password, still no logon
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    It now seems to be fixed for me now...
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    need login key
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    a failure in the network of ubi.com.
    This is only temporary
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    Can't login please help...
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    how its has been fixed? did you made something?
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