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    I don't understand where the Wii version of this game is. There is a blazing Angels 1 for wii. Why is there no sequel?
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    No kidding, after I played Blazing Angels I for the WII I went out and bought the WII, my first consul ever and I am almost 30, just to play it. It is the most interactive game I have ever played. I can't imagine there wasn't a good consumer response. It adds a whole new dimension to gaming. The flight controls using the WII remote and nun-chuck make it feel as if you are actually flying. Perhaps if there are enough posts on this site they will wise up and release it for the WII.
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    Ha yeah it would be awesome on Wii.... wonder when it will happen.
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    Ive been lookin evry where 4 a anser and nothing ive even complained!!!
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