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    Dumb question, but here goes.
    Trying to set up simple mission where multiple aircraft attack a ship. When I give the command for the wingmen to attack a ship, I get the "Unable to comply" response. Must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Give your wingmen some bombs..?

    If the AI doesn't have bombs, that is a usual response. Are you flying a mission you created, or someone else's?
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    No, they have bombs or rockets. It's a basic FMB mission I created.
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    Originally posted by btasm:
    No, they have bombs or rockets or torpedos. It's a basic FMB mission I created.
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    What type of aircraft and ships? How close to the ships is the ground attack waypoint at the time of the attack? If you place it right next to the ships icon in FMB but the ships have moved to far by the time you get there in the actual mission sometimes you'll get that error.

    Additionally, in torpedo attacks the AI aicraft can be fussy about where they attack from. In some game versions (not sure if it still applies) they would always do a torpedo run at the starboard bow no matter where you put the attack waypoint. This meant they'd do a full circle within range of ship flak before starting their run if you put the waypoint on the port side....always test your torpedo attacks thoroughly during the mission build process.
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    Use the set target feature and attach the GATTACK waypoint to one of the ships. If you don't attach the GATTACK waypoint to one of the ships they will never attack it. It shouldn't be that way but I have never been able to get them to attack ships without attaching it.

    You can set multiple GATTACK waypoints to different ships and the planes will continue to attack them as long as they have bombs or rockets. If you overdo it you will lose the entire squadron to flak though. Separate the Gattack waypoints some, approx 1.5 to 2km so they are not on top of one another or the planes will ignore the extra GATTACK waypoints. Make sure to attach the extra GATTACK waypoints to a different ship.

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    I've attached GATTACK waypoint to a ship and have tried to anticipate the movement of the ship, but no go. Still get the "unable to comply" response.
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    Are you the leader of the flight? (just checking)

    Are you close enough when you tell them to attack the ships? (try closer)

    Which waypoint is attached (set) to the shipping (attack ground)? Try making it at least the 3rd waypoint ..and ensure that it isn't the final waypoint.

    What kind of bomb do you have attached to your flight?
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    How high up are you? I have problems getting aircraft to dive-bomb from high altitude sometimes, but this stops when I take the flight down a couple of thousand metres.

    Failing that, if they're the only targets in the area, try the "Target All" option for ground units.
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    I am the leader, tried different altitudes, different weapons, created at least three waypoints before the target, attached the target, etc. Still I get the "Can't comply" response. However, if I hit autopilot and then ask wingmen to attack target, although they stil respond "Can't comply", they do make a run.
    Go figure.
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