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    Why on earth are you so worried about issues compared to the last version??

    the only thing DX9.0b does is fixing a security issue.
    Don't you ever read what updates actually do?
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    more beer

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    <center><FONT COLOR="white">Hunter82 wrote:
    "I did not have technical relations with that question"
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    Installed fine on my system, made diddly squat difference.

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    Skyhawk, the latest version of DirectX is always recommended no matter what. Whether it helps you is one thing, but it will be backwards compatible. Your card just can't use the features of the newer DX versions. On rare occassion someone reports that using an earlier version of DX helps them. In most cases you are completely safe to install the latest version. In this case I think it is a question of patching the security, as someone I think already mentioned. I doubt there is drastic improvement otherwise. I run in OpenGL, but I did some graphics testing recently and DirectX actually ran with about the same frame rates. For me the main differences are how the shadows look and how the textures appear.

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