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    Hi everyone. This is just a list of tactics I've found and saved, mostly from the PC forum. However, they are still useful for console. Enjoy!

    --How to win with Germany by Supermanc
    --anyone got any UK tactics? post by Brahmanfire
    --Hitchikers Guide to the UK by massive02
    --Playing USSR by Happier Times
    --Playing Germany by wu-scherge
    --Japan Tactics by Alcarin21
    --Italy Tactics
    --France Tactics

    How to win With Germany - Courtesy of Spacemanc

    Heres a quick guide to countering/using Germany. I've used it many many times, and its successful on any map the vast majority of the time.

    The attributes of Germany in RUSE, are great, but expensive units that make it hard to defend early game. Its true that their bases and units tend to be slightly more expensive than other nations, but by using certain units AND ONLY A 2 BASE START WITH NO RESEARCHES you can overcome this handicap.

    The most important early game units are the SDKFZ 222 armoured recon, and the FLAK 88mm AT/AA gun. Using 2 bases, no research, and just $80 you can make one SDKFZ, an 88mm and four infantry -that gives you a combo that can kill any other unit or base in RUSE - make an early push to at least half way, and you will hold your line against almost all early attacks. The SDKFZ will also stop any sneaky forward base construction trucks or light recon.

    The opponents counters to these units are as follows:

    1. Artillery. This is the main weakness of the 88mm - players will often try to kill the 88mm then light tank rush you. Use the silence RUSE wisely and push infantry forward to attract artillery fire. Often a rush with 3 SDKFZ will kill them if they come too far forward, if not, then make your own artillery. Armoured artillery can be more of a problem which may require stukas.

    2. Mass infantry rush. 3 SDKFZ and 3 light artillery will stop almost any infantry rush.

    3. Air. Bombers are one shot routed by the 88mm. Suicide fighters/fighter bomber attacks on the 88mm are more of a problem, so I will usually make a small number of FLAK 15mm to make sure I kill his aircraft (FLAK 15mm can also be used to kill infantry, light AA, light AT and building.)

    The fact that you only need 2 bases, and no research to counter all attacks is a massive bonus, and the extra cash should be spent on your economy where it will more than make up for Germany's expensive units.

    anyone got any UK tactics? - Courtesy of dan1993-uk for the topic and Brahmanfire for the post

    Well, for starters the Hurricane is really the bread and butter Unit for the Brits. There's no getting around this. So whatever your strategy may be, in most every case you're going to want to include their air in it, and more specifically the Hurricane. But the addition of no-research AB and Recon plane makes the airfield a nice well rounded package, not to mention their bombers.

    So, you're going to use an airfield no matter what. The question is what else to do.

    Brit tanks suck, and the only good reason to build their tank base is usually for the armored recon and that's about it, which of course is $30, very expensive. WHENEVER YOU CAN TRY TO MAKE YOUR STRATEGY WORK WITHOUT THE BRITISH ARMOR BASE, and try to get by with Air recon and $15 mg Bunkers which provide a great recon sight radius. Their armor base is simply too big of an investment with so little return.

    To play quicker with Britain, go with a barracks. Use some cheap infantry early, to push up the flanks of the map and harrass depots. Force your opponent to divert his attention and counter them. This will do 2 things. It will draw some of his attention away from you allowing you opportunities to expand. And it will give your hurricanes opportunities to kill stray units he is using to counter your infantry. British heavy infantry is not the best, but they are completely reasonable to use along with Vickers for anti-infantry/taking towns/harrassing depots. If you want a quicker strategy, the barracks will help you much more so than the armor base IN MOST CASES, but not all. There are no rules here, just some decisions that are higher percentage or smarter than others.

    Either 1 or both of the Artillery/AA base and TankDestroyer base will complement the Airfield/barracks nicely. This depends on what he builds of course. Sometimes Italians put out more tanks than your hurricanes alone can handle, get the TD base and evaluate the situation. Sometimes $10 AT guns in forests used alongside your Hurricanes is all you need AT wise for an entire game. Sometimes you do not need the TD base at all if you've got air superiority and your Hurricanes can quickly strafe armor and get back home safely. Perhaps your opponent is French and he's using the typical mass of 4-5 $10 artillery pieces to kill your depots and infantry. Kill them with your hurricanes, if he has too much AA, then decide whether or not you can get away with a couple $25 howitzers which outrange them or if you need the armored counter in the form of Sextons. There is a time and place for both and they are quite handy.

    If opponent is using lots of planes to counter your hurricanes, mix Bofors in with your hurricanes and draw his planes into battles over them. Just because you see him making lots of fighters doesn't mean Auto-upgrade to spits, this can actually be a horrible decision sometimes.

    I dont have anything else really at the moment. I mean, I do, but I think this is enough.

    Here's my BIG TIP: LEARN TO USE YOUR CHEAP TIER 1 UNITS ALONG SIDE OTHER CHEAP TIER 1 UNITS IN COMBINED ARMS TACTICS. MANY PEOPLE ASSUME WINNING GAMES MEANS YOU MUST EVENTUALLY OUT-TECH YOUR OPPONENT. WRONG. For example, why in the hell tech to Tigers when your Italian opponent is using m15's, infantry, and cheap arty against you? And yet, I see examples of this all the time, out-teching your opponent can win games but over-teching can also lose games and I actually see this quite a bit.

    Hitchikers Guide to the UK - Courtesy of massive02

    Hello Rusetonians, I've been seeing so many posts about buffing this and buffing that especially when it comes to UK, Overall I would say the game is fairly balanced, UK could use a slight buff but not to the extremes posted in other threads.

    So to help players I decided to write this simple guide

    UK has a very fun and unique play style.

    Bunkers and stuff: I do not see a lot of UK players doing this but make USE of your cheap bunkers, $15 for a cheap machine gun next and $20 for an AT bunker, this makes approaching UK extremely difficult, yet players tend not to build them. UK has the only machine gun nest with the scout ability so not building any of these to cover your blindsides is inexcusable.

    Barracks: Uk does not field great infantry units however they do field some extremely powerful anti infantry with the vickers(great against infantry rushes). Still if you can get infantry into towns before an enemy take advantage of that opportunity and block off paths to your base.

    Tank Base: Some people seem to forget that UK's tanks are not there strong point, and tend to heavily rely on the fact that they should hold their own against their counterparts. However that is not their role,
    -One of the most important units you can get from this base are the ACMK1/ACMK1(the scout vehicles). As this is the only mobile ground scouting unit that UK has. Use them only if you feel like you cannot get close with an air scout
    -Matildas/cruisers/cromwells: most of these tanks have really ****ty range/firepower, however, they make up for it with their amazing armor. Make use of these units as COMPLIMENTS to your AT tanks, in other words MEAT SHIELDS. their range can also be used beneficially as it keeps these tanks up front while your AT guns do their work, just don't get them too far ahead. A common mistake I see a lot of UK players make is either upgrading to the cromwell or just go all out matildas and sending them off to die.

    Anti-tank base: You have the shield now don't forget to bring the sword to a fight.

    -The archer and firely are pretty much the best armored AT tanks in the game. If you do have the opportunity to upgrade to the firefly take it.

    Artillery Base: you'll notice that most of your army composition is comprised of a lot of armor leaving you very exposed to infantry and infantry AT guns, make use of your artillery, and the SEXTON(assault gun) to widdle them down also very handy to assault their AA defenses for your air to do their work.
    TIP: use artillery bunkers if your just looking to quickly take out defensive positions and infantry positions, this will save you time and money rather than building a whole new base+units(it's not a replacement but a temporarily substitute).

    Air Base: the crown jewel of UK, the 2nd sword.
    This is Uk's main strength. If you are being bested in air by any other nation than you should not play UK period. UK's air base is fairly cheap this allows them to have a 2 to 1 ratio over an enemy. You can outproduce them. For every german $30 ME262 lost you lose 1 $20 spitfire. This keeps you ahead in points and economy.
    -hurricanes: if your assaulting ground with tanks go with hurricanes or archer/fireflies in this case the ground force should be eyes for your air as you slowly push forward. remember to take full advantage of air speed and take out any recons whenever possible. to blind and reduce enemies range
    Tip: it takes 5 hurricanes to take out practically any building remember this, and use it to your advantage to take out any supply depots, or key installations whenever possible.

    -Spitfire: spitfires are what allows UK to be the king of the sky. They are cheap and they are strong. Remember that you only need spitfires if your opponent/s have advance fighters otherwise hurricanes can hold their own against regular fighters and fighter-bombers.

    -Bombers: pretty straight forward. if your not being contested for air superiority bomb bomb and bomb.
    TIP: 6 wellingtons for an instant HQ kill, 1 for any other buildings.
    TIP: 4 Lancasters for an instant HQ kill, 1 for other buildings.

    paratroopers: use them to sneak around or cut off expanded supply lines.

    -Take out recons whenever you can to blind your enemy and reduce their range.
    -the AI can be a bit dumb, so a little air micro to help them with picking targets will go a long way.

    Protobase: churchill(SUPER heavy meatshield), AVRE(better assault gun),

    SKINK great for reinforcing the air with a mobile ground.

    Playing USSR - Courtesy of Happier Times

    Since USSR is my favorite nation I wanna kick-off a discussion about the options USSR has as an faction and what kinda of play-styles if generates against the different other nations.

    I think the official Eugene subscription for USSR is something like cheap and quick production.
    I'm not sure if I really agree with this, since most, or not all, bases produces that quickly nor are they that cheap.
    Nevertheless infantry units produce quick indeed and I see them as a integral part of my army in any match I play.

    So let's get the basics, at least for me, you want to have widespread infantry all over the map to limit the opponents mobility. Of course cities are ideal for this, but also woods and even open land is acceptable early game, or when there is no arty yet in play, to keep the enemy on his toes and be able to stale his advance or help your attack.
    Key in attacking with infantry, besides using blitz and fanaticism, is coming from as many directions as possible to "trap" the target or force him to retreat.
    To get a widespread infantry net you should strategically base barracks on the map, that are both helpful in deploying advanced infantry and not too vulnerable to enemy fire.
    But keep in mid they only cost $10 so some risks might be taken in my opinion. And preferably early on, when it's easier to deploy them safely.
    I pretty much regard a proxy barracks in any match up as a must have, because it will not only allow you to severely injure your enemy if lucky, but also will force the enemy to respond to the threat on hand, frustrating his planning and delaying any potential dangerous pushes.
    The costs are minimal for what you get out of this.
    In doing the mentioned above effectively I also consider it quite necessary to get heavy infantry research done as early as possibly.

    Tanks are another good option for USSR, there thick armor can sustain quite some enemy fire and the armour base is not too expensive.
    T-26 are excellent in dealing with enemy infantry and as a early rush/scare with the potential to snipe-off an enemy effectively depot with 2 or more of them.
    The medium advanced tank I don't get to use much, as I don't quit get his potential, you can invest time and money into a good cost/effective tank, but most of the time, if you can afford that time and money you're either on the winning hand, or you are late game when a medium tank won't quite cut it.
    I suppose they ought to be used en mass in mid-game.
    Perhaps a secret tanks switch in earl-mid-game, researching the medium advanced, can take your opponent off-guard and you'll be overwhelm him with this tank before he gets enough AT up.
    The KSV-1 I find more useful, albeit slow, they have great potential as meatshields, fighting off early light tanks pushes, or scaring the opponent with an heavy tank push.
    I used to research the IS-2 quite often, which will allow for a descent and not so expensive advanced heavy tank, but most of the time they enemy will have plenty off AT in the forest when you're in a stalemate and you'll be able to research them, making them not all that useful imo.
    I'm not so big of a tank player, so I would be interested to hear how other USSR players tend to use these tanks, in which situation and in which time-span.

    Then, the famous russian arty, there arty base is cheap, and you can get some good long range arty for a good price, but for them to be really effective, I feel that you need quite a lot of Pushka's which all-in-all is still quite costly. They're also vulnerable to enemy armored arty and inaccurate. For them to be effective against any towed or infantry units I would say you need at least 4 of them. They do better against buildings, but this would require you to have recon of these buildings and in most cases if you can get recon of there buildings there are better options then to go arty imo.
    There armored arty is ok I guess, don't really know much about it, but I guess you can incorporate it in a push.
    Towed AA is doable, and when up against air you need to try to creep it over the map, be careful not to stack them too much.
    I definitely feel enemy air can be a danger, to USSR, cause it will almost certain make you lose map control, which is quite necessary for any nation. Therefore I suppose you should try to get a descent space of AA coverage asap, from which you can launch infantry, tanks or any other attacks on the enemy.
    Beginning game, tanks and infantry are the most likely counters for me to an air player, mid- late game I would try get more AA coverage.
    Mobile AA is doable in research price and the unit is not too expensive, but all-in-all I find it's range insufficient and it's damage is not all that good, so I hardly use it, unless I wanna push.

    AT is one of the weakest spots of an USSR player imo, and a timely switch/attack of enemy tanks can destroy an USSR player.
    The price of an AT base seems to high, and the need for (2) research times for mobile at makes it difficult to react fast to enemy tanks.
    Towed at is doable, in numbers certainly, but the un-upgraded towed at is quite light, and the upgraded towed at seems unworthy, since it will be to vulnerable to enemy air/inf/arty.
    Mobile at is good for light to medium tanks, but after that you definitely want to tech up to the heavy mobile AT which is good, with a long range and heavy armor it is certainly able to deal with advanced heavy tanks.
    But I think it's really important for an USSR player especially to follow the enemies tank upgrades.
    Alternatively to AT I use my own advanced heavy tank and infantry, only to end up against towed enemy AT most of the time.

    Air, is not really a starting option, nor a real game option during most games, since it hardly has anything useful in it, besides the Sturmovik, which is costly research and built-up and the heavy bomber, which is an absolute beauty imo.
    The good price of the heavy bomber and not having the need for research makes it an attractive option to incorporate in your gameplay. But realize that the heavy bomber will be quickly countered by any nation, due to it's slowness, which give enemy AA more time to shoot. That and the price of the airfield, which other then the bomber will not yield much more interesting, except maybe mass-fighters as replacement for AA or sturmoviks in a rich economy map, makes going USSR bombers an risky enterprise.
    Surely you can do some nice damage, but it won't usually lest long.

    Proto, do we have to discuss? I really hope someone can tell me how to use this effectively, but for now the ridiculous price and it's useless units it seems, makes it out of the question for me.
    The rocket arty is nice, but by no means worth the proto price, nor is the heavy arty, for which there are much better alternatives money-wise. And the heavy tank? The research cost and the time limit in most games makes me really wonder why it was ever put in the game.

    In short, I usually play 2v2, and am mostly focusing on infantry in the games I play. Sometimes I like to do a heavy bomber switch to catch the enemy by surprise and do some heavy damage.
    Besides infantry I find it key for USSR (and maybe this goes for all nations, dunno) to pick up depots as quick as possible, and protecting them with infantry, even sacrificing infantry to keep them save. Once you establish an economic edge, you can really start massing units and grasp map control with infantry, plus you will be more mobile for a possible bomber or arty switch.

    Playing Germany - Courtesy of wu-scherge

    inspired by this thread (called playing USSR) i want to discuss the use of Germany in ruse. since i am no pro gamer, i would also like to hear opinions of higher ranked players (and all others too of course) about this faction.

    starting of with the inf base , one notices that ger has 2 options available there. while i consider the kübelwagen rather to be a mid or late game option (i am no fan of the kubelwagen), i like the sdkfz222 for mainly one reason: its spead. this trade makes it a good early game unit to supply raid your oppoenent truck. the extra mg can come in handy if opponent is deploying infantry units.
    ger infantry is very solid to say the least. the light one is imho the best or second best in their class and the heavy one comes right after the USSR gvardia due to its tank killing ability.

    the ger artillery base needs to be deployed with much thought, because it is quite expensive. if the german player decides to go this way, he will need to adept his game style.
    since i am no expert in this field, i will only add a few general comments. the 88 is a double sided sword. it has to be protected very carefully, but it also can inflict a lot of damage. the light artillery is a relatively cost effective mid range solution. the heavy artillery is - well to be honoust i didnt use it a single time since the game is out. the flak does its job good enough imho - as long as one doesnt fall victim to the misconception that the 20mm task is to kill enemy planes. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! the reason why you want to built this unit, is to prevent your planes from getting destroyed. the flak is not a killer, it is a protector. the real german air defense are the fighters. the aa is the defender of the air defense (do i have to wright that a 4th time or is my point clear now?). this leads me to the german assault guns. the stug is good. the sturmtiger is a god. or a monster. depending on the colour it wears. if you are facing a sturmtiger on the field, pull back your wooded units and think of a way to kill this armor 5 level thread - have fun!

    the tank base : it has often been stretched that germany is the tank nation. this is true. generally i would say that early german tanks are fast, the late ones are strong.
    the pIII is a superb early depot killer. as a rule always get a couple of those (as another rule: there are no rules in ruse, if you know what i mean).
    the pIV is also an excellent tank. it is a very good balance of both trades. speed and strength. to its higher speed i prefer it over the t34, so from my point of view it is the best lvl3 armor tank. using its long range and speed it can even fight heavy tanks like the french bis1 with succes.
    the panther is a counter unit in my eyes. i would only use it if the enemy fields specific units. examples would be an UK player using much armor or an italian player using p26 (note but only if pIV is already invented).
    otherwise i would rather rely on the german heavy armor. the tiger is always is serious force to be recognised. any opponent facing it must necessarily respond to it - and most will.
    the king tiger is that extra push, when the game is in stale and you have some time and ressources to spend. in most cases the tiger will do. there are only some counter indications, when you want to invest that extra 50$ for research.

    coming to the ger at base . the early at gun is cheap and a light/italian tank stopper. the advanced is suitable for mid/heavy tanks. the early TD marder is best used vs light to medium tanks, while the advanced jagdtiger is a serious heavy tank stopper. (an indication would be an early spotted pershing and no own tank base).

    me personally i find german air very useful. the me109 is the best pre research fighter. the me262 has the best combat stats. combined with a few (!) 20mm flak nobody can get air superiority above german territory. the ju87 is an excellent early game unit. best suited for taking down enemy recon and light tanks. but it is an easy victim to aa and fighters.
    the he111 is just mediocre. 2 of it will take a depot down - its just nothing special. quite in contrary to the arado234blitz . this bomber is the 2nd fastest plane in the game (!). it should only be used vs high quality targets or/and as a nasty surprise. but beware it takes 2 to destroy a depot or production building and it is very vulnerable to enemy aa. use it wisely and with caution (since it is very expensive). besides that there is the non armored research needing storch and the also to be researched ger paratroopers .

    coming to the last feature: the protobase .
    the best proto base in the game.
    puma is very good featuring lvl2 armor and a range of 300.
    wirbelwind though research needed still very good. the morser ... well lets say i am no fan.
    the wurfrahmen is a building/wooded units killer - but also fragile.
    last the maus . basically a moving at bunker with the firepower of 2 tanks actually. but very slow.

    Japan Tactics - Courtesy of Alcarin21

    Yesterday and this morning i put alot of thoughts into Japan gameplay coming up with some impressive combination, but i am sure i missed many.

    I did not had the chance to test everything against those very best in this game but I assume my predictions to be highly accurate.

    Japan is in high need of decryption and radio silence ruses.

    There seems to be huge deception threat to them so easily to be manipulated.

    1st MATCH
    A friend started airfield as Italy i had it decrypted but he cancelled it just as it was being build and made rax instead well i already had airfield then making my 1st zero when i saw light tanks and inf rolling out of base realising the trickery it was hard to respond and that was 1 huge gap for Japan.

    Airfield is not as good as many think, yes it has free recon and fighter but nothing to really defend from ground push of armored vehicles, bunkers are cool but they are stationary and i do not like to use them unless at most necessary.

    Conclusion air is only good start for Japan if enemy goes air, else it might be very hard to maintain superiority on battlefield without loosing anything if starting 3 depots.

    You can try to airlock him but its still not that fast unless you would perhaps spend 2 blitzes on sectors to be there asap.

    2nd MATCH
    Tank Graveyard, played against French. This sounded like a very easy match thinking that japan has awesome air units and france sucks but it turned out to be very hard match.

    I started air deciding to test the full capacity of air this time.

    Well it worked ok until B1 Bis arty aa combo started rolling in middle of tank graveyard and it could be soon renamed plane graveyard

    Killing B1 Bis with fbs is so annoying since i am used on stukas that it almost made me rage surrender.

    Light arty of french is as good as Japan arty i had to closely watch every single aa/at 75mm 88 since its 20 and well cannot go into woods.

    The intension of a fight was so high i could not use fighters on long range cannon(1) sitting in safety shelling me whenever i exposed anything.

    A good position of arty/aa makes sharpshooters a waste since whenever i get in range i get attacked back asap.

    I could try and play arty wars with them but i decided i want to see a different counter.

    But with a slight depot advantage and forward AA/arty base the supply of troops was pretty high and i started loosing fbs/fighters despite my ground sniping.

    Combat engineers range is 150m which makes them unable to actually clear units from towns effectively well without constant threat to them.

    Moving 3-4 heavy inf from city shelter attacking combat engineer results in an even loss of 10$ : 10$ without ruses.

    Also Stugs(assault guns) prooved to be awesome anti Japan weapon, having barely any counter, yesterday with Tigga in 1v1 tank graveyard aswell a couple of stugs firing from safe distance behind city make me sweat for any of my 20$ aa/at and once those were thinned out there came the cavalry from heaven and you ultimately NEED zero fighters.

    The armor base from Japan is not worth getting in 1v1 competitive gameplay, unless you play against USSR and even then deception of USSR is the key. The armored AA looks perfect from armor base but its not really that usefull since spending 50$ on research is not what you would do all the time just to get aa from armor base.

    Medium tank seems kinda crap, when you decide to make an expensive upgrade to adv medium and realise Stukas 1 shot it aswell being just a bad clone of carro M15(ye ye i did not check armor my bad) I did not even bother going for heavy tank with 3 armor and 450 range.

    Prototype seems cool but realising anything that does dmg needs research that 4 armored non dmg recon seems usefull at 1st sight realising its not that needed with 5$ willys clone so i would rather spend money on either arty or lolrocket tank.

    Conclusion (might change in a few days or even hours)

    Weakness of Japan are columns of tanks rolling towards them with support of 800m+ arty picking out aa/at positions

    So far 2 acceptable starting combinations and 3rd one not tested yet.

    Will discuss starters in reply sometime during next 48 hours.

    It seems funny and ironic that the nation that used the most things in woods ended up having the least things in woods volnurable to arty which is the exact opposite of historical accuracy maybe the Eugen system is sending us a message to drop the historical accuracy alltogether who knows.

    Italy Tactics

    NOTE: I couldn't find a complete Italy guide like the above examples, so these are a mixture of posts from both the PC and Console forums.

    ChilledLJ: italy are real cheap and fast to build stuff and there tanks are really quick ,you can often overwhelm players at the start of the game with the carro tanks etc. And there airforce are decent aswell.

    JamesD Sideous: italians are a great early to midgame faction, if you play them well enough they can even be a dangerous threat in late game.
    I won all my online matches so far when I played as Italy.

    I used to build an armor base under camo net near the enemy headquarters, a fake airfield in my homebase and barracks and three depots.

    you can build cheap light tanks in the barracks,
    and cover your base while you are on your rush.

    after the armorbase is built you spam carro m13 (15$ each) under radio silence which should be available by then and go for the opponents base.

    if the opponent is able to fight of the first wave, you gained enough money for a second wave.

    By now your enemy should also be prepared for another attack at you, that's where the critical part starts. The way from early-game to mid-, late-game with italy is a little bit challenging, but if you are able to gain and maintain mapcontrol with the mass of your tanks, you will have enoug resources to build a airfield and start sniping their main AT/TD force while getting of another attack in their base.

    If you really master Italy it's a really strong nation to play with.

    Goofy08: For me Italy is the best faction in the game but you have to build the prototype base immediately.
    With the prototype base you have access to almost all the units u need during the game -> great AA and AT, flamethrower against infantry and a very good and cheap (25$) tanks.

    Rush some mobile AA, flamethrowers and tanks and the rest is history.
    You start with 200$, 2 supply depos and 1 proto base.
    By the time that your proto base is ready, you will be able to build the first heavy tanks (no development needed and only 25$), if the enemy is rushing, it will be with small tanks and you will be ready with some heavy tanks!

    As you already said, fake air assault and use your tanks!
    Off course you will have to build barracks or armor base for some recon...

    France Tactics

    Warforger: Wow. France actually isn't that bad once you figure out that light arty is really godly as are the SAU-40's. In fact I can play better with France then I can with say Italy. Like I said before, it's all in how you use them. That thread's a joke.

    France has much at it's disposal to kill King Tigers, the Adv AT guns have no research and cost 10$, the Guppy's are also cheap but I would avoid the TD, they're the worst in the game. You could also get ARL 44's which are basically armor 4 King Tigers. If there's a huge stack of KT France is one of the few nations which can stop them without having to stop the production of those earlier on i.e. get alot of Maginot Bunkers. If arty fires on it fire back.

    France is hard to use, but once you find their strengths you can use to them to be just as effective as America or Germany.

    Tangoliber: You have to use France's early game advantage to get a better economy.

    If you have just 50 extra dollars to spend on tanks at the end of the game, then your ARL44s will match their KTs fine, if you are building about 5 units I guess (Its 50 dollars to match SPs...I'm not doing the math for KTs, so take that with a grain of salt).

    The ARL44s are less cost effective than the KT, but you have to try and use your more cost effective early units to balance it out.

    P47ace: France is a hard faction to use correctly.
    I have a friend who is an expert at the turtle strategy with france. I Its all about bunkers and Heavy/Super-Heavy tanks mix in some ADV. towed AT and alot of camels really the Fench have the worst AA in the game but a few Adv fighters and you should be good.
    It takes a while to find the right mix with all of them but you'll get it right
    if Playing 2v2 have your team mate focus on AA and TD's.

    EvanTheBeast: I was die hard russian for a while, though i love France now (interesting do to how different they play). I think they have a lot of early pressure things at their disposal, no research adv at allows you to easily push against early tanks. The support with some elite infantry can grab forest near the enemy fast enough, allowing you to expand why they try to dispose of those. You could also build a Maginot near the enemy, forcing them to get arty early to take it out slowing them down again.ARL is a great tank, slow but then again you learn to not use it as a blitzkrieg type tank.

    Did anyone notice the camel got slightly buffed? instead of 16 power its up to 18, tied with basic AA now.

    All in all the french are hard, but if you put pressure correctly, you have good map control and the resource advantage which can be killer for France.


    Hopes this helps everyone. Thanks for reading!
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    Update: Added Japan, Italy and France tactics and a contents.
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    Good strategies bro
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    Most of these strategies above are aimed more at 1v1. Tactics vary depending on the map, the number of team mates and also what nations your team mates choose.

    UK is pretty much an air only nation.
    Italy is good for Adv med tanks rush and then later the proto units.
    Germany is a tank nation, but also has good (but expensive) air.
    France is a turtle nation - bunkers, tanks and hidden light units.
    Japan is lol nation to sell DLC. It has OP AA/Arty and air base for early game and OP AT and Proto base for late game. I usually disable DLC on the host screen to prevent people playing as Japan.

    How to attack/defend against nations?

    UK - use AA and your our air against them - you need both.
    Italy - Use your own tanks and AT.
    France - Artillery and heavy tanks.
    Germany - usually it's best to use tanks on the nazis, but due to germany being good all rounder you need to be careful.
    Japan - Use artillery on them early game and fighter bombers late game.

    RUSE has so many possible strategies that the above is a VERY basic guide. Best advice, is watch your enemy closely and react fast to what they are doing. Also never forget that economy is king!
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    British Tank Strategies

    I have figured out effective ways of using British tanks. Matildas are best used as armor walls or shields for more vulnerable units such as light AT guns or Archers. These weak yet powerful units require close escort if they are to be used effectively. Cruisers are most useful in the beginning of the game because they are a faster and more effective way to sabotage supply lines. All you have to do is send them around the map to attack supply depots. I hope this has provided insight on how to use British tanks. P.S. This is the same tactic that Britain used during WWII. P.P.S. This strategy is not meant to undermine your British strategy. Enjoy the British tank base! Also, I love the effort you took to type all of those strategies.
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    No strategies for US? What a shame. I think every US player's strategy is the same: build willies all over map, build $15 mobile aa, spam SP until opponent rage quits.
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    Good tactics. But for one that works with all countries, I've got one. Basically, build up a defensive force capable of withstanding rushes. Then, save money to buy 8-10 administrative buildings. While they are expensive, being able to get $10/4 sec sounds better than $27/30 sec.
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    Nice Thread

    Well these were some good strategies which you posted in this thread. No doubt, these tactics I followed and almost of them were working good at certain places. Well, you tried good keep it up brother!
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