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    bump god damn it
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    Waste of cash... clap clap ubi.

    I havnt even been able to see any servers/login and ive owbned the game for 2 months now.

    As above.. clap clap ubi...
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    i downloaded the new patch and now it ok but i keep getting disconnected from the server.... anyone knows whats the problem
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    problem is back god damn it...
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    Same problem here
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    hello to everyone the server for HAWX1 HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED We cant no longer play online please send emails to UBISOFT with your complains lets work to bring back the server
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    the server has been discontinued we cant play online HAWX1 anymore send emails to UBISOFT complanining about please and let others know
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    Hello guys As many might know GARENA , COM offers hawx1 online multiplayer I download it today and I play a co-op mode mission with another player.
    I invite you to download Garena to play online I am learning how to host and join the game in this server. The video tutorial is under the nick name of


    You can find a tutorial video in YOUTUBE to install GARENA the name is HOW TO PLAY HAWX IN GARENA AND HOW TO CONFIGURE HAWX IN GARENA

    Other people use TUNNGLE i dont know what is the best to play HAWX online i already tried to download TUNNGLE TOO but i receive a message saying that not to install TUNNGLE.

    i am not sure why something about software might get bad in time and it will affect my computer software so I didnt try TUNNGLE

    I hope you guys can join me in GARENA AND have fun like we use too I will see you there

    I am GDRACKO39 IN GARENA there you can chat like in microsoft messenger you can add me when you download GARENA is the same as the messenge PLEASE PEOPLE PLAYER OR FRIENDS IN HAWX 1 LET ME KNOW HERE BY POSTING A COMMENT HERE IN MY THREAD THE NICK YOU ARE USING IN GARENA TO ADD YOU THANK YOU
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    Originally Posted by UnrealEnvy Go to original post
    Hello, my friend just bought H.A.W.X for PC.
    He wants to get online, but he keeps on getting an online error: "Servers are busy".

    It's not time-of-day dependent, neither a specific day. It happens for over a week now, and he can't log in.

    It's not a FW/router issue.

    Any suggestions you guys?
    Thanks in advance,

    Join DateApr 2011Posts154
    hello i found the way to play hawx1 online multiplayer go to GARENA.COM and download it. follow the steps that you will find in VIDEO IN YOUTUBE THE TITLE IS (HOW TO PLAY TOM CLANCY'S HAWX ONLINE) THE VIDEO IS UNDER (WHIT3FOXX)

    There you will know how to install GARENA, how to configure and how to play online with other players in LAN

    Well I hope to see you soon there my nick name there is (Gdracko39) add in your list of friends and tell your friends and other about this BTW let me know if you get the message by loging in
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