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    This week seems to be like some kind of "gift time" and I can inform you with pleasure, that I got permision from software author DKM2 to offer you his FC2 Dedicated Server Manager.

    Software include detailed pdf manual with 11 pages with screenshots and descriptions.
    This software is also able automaticly generate ladder as you can see here:
    Its updated every hour.
    So here is two screenshots from user interface.
    Main setup

    Players and administration setup

    I think its time to give you all who want to use this great tool link for direct download.
    I hope that DKM2 agree, since majority of you love it so far

    So please feel free to donload it from our new =WaT= clan website
    Download DKM2 Server manager
    All credits go to DKM2 !!
    He made a great job.
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    i have a question about this. with this software can i host a dedicated server even from a machine that doesnt have far cry 2 installed?

    or do i have to have the game on the same machine too?

    i only ask because i would love to be able to host a dedicated server from my laptop but i dont know how. actually if anyone knows how i can host a dedi from my laptop i would really love to know. obviously i could just install fc2 on that and host but how can i be logged in to my fc2 account on both that and on my computer at the same time?
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    Its software for runing dedicated server, where you dont need to be logged on your account. But of course you have to instal FC2 (+latest patches and serverlauncher R2) to the computer from where you want host server, when its clear, that you cant run dedicated server and play game from one PC in same time.
    So if you have PC for actually play game and laptop which is fast/strong enough provide good game experince, you can run server and play in same time.
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    hi yes just what i have been looking for. i have sent you private message with my email attached....many thanks...Rick
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    Once I get home from work, I will send it to you
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    Hi Patient!

    Would be fantastic if you could send me this new extender software to:

    Thx so far!

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    Wooooooooo perfect a treat
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    Originally posted by SON0203:
    Hi Patient!
    Would be fantastic if you could send me this new extender software
    Check your email
    Shooter Iam glad you like it
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    hey pacient, i have sent you a private message to ask if you could send the tool. it would be much appreciated. thankyou very much for putting this up here, very cool
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    Hey Logan, check you e-mail
    About your question concerning security, ports and run it under Vista, there is no additional requairment compare to regular dedicated server. So if you got public IP, opened ports etc, everything should works just fine.
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