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    The template for the C is done and will be made available for public download after the Axis & Allies Paintworks "Tunisia" campaign and skins are released. The G will also be available; other than a few minor changes it's the same as the C.

    Faked (but more appropriate) exhaust stacks

    Big gun!

    J and H skins and templates will follow at some point. For folks with mods, I'm also working on a strafing-nose D.

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    These are beautiful, Jarink! Where do you plan to release them?
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    They will be posted at Axis & Allies Paintworks.

    I neglected to mention that these will feature mechanical layers by Buhli (plus a little of my own), who does excellent work.
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    The ones I'm working on right now (mainly because they promise to need the fewest modifications for re-use with other skins) are "Hell's Bells" from the 499th BS and "Near Miss" from the 498th.

    Whoever came up with the idea for this paint job was a genius.

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    You should get the TD guys to replace the current "uber green" skin that the B-25J has as default with this one. Looks really good
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    Cool, looking forward to it. I really like your templates for the heavies.

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    I did a bit of work the other day on some B-25s. These are still WIP; I should have downloads available soon. I'm slowly working on a full set of 345th BG skins as well.

    17th Tactical Reconnaissance Sqn "Mitch the Witch"

    Generic PBJ-1C

    3rd Antisubmarine Sqn "Lady Jane"

    unnamed B-25C from 684 Sqn in Burma. This is from a profile. It's been difficult to find actual photos.
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    The J template is done except for one or two tiny details.

    OD version:

    Major revisions on the underwing access panels. Also, note optional strike camera window behind the bomb bay.

    Bare Metal:

    I tried a new metal technique that's actually a lot easier to replicate than what I've done before on my bomber skins. It's a little more of an oxidized look, but I think I can shine it up with a little extra work.

    I'm still waiting on the release of the Tunisia campaign before making the templates for the C/G available, but I will offer the D "strafer", J, and H templates for public download sometime soon.
    Say, in "two weeks"?
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    Working my way through the remaining models...

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    OK, OK. I swear I'm someday going to finish working on all these skins!

    I decided I wanted to release some generics (mainly for mission builders) before I did detailed skin packs. I should have these packaged up and ready for d/l in the next couple of days.
    38th Bomb Group 71st Bomb Squadron

    38th Bomb Group 405th Bomb Squadron

    38th Bomb Group 822nd Bomb Squadron

    38th Bomb Group 823rd Bomb Squadron

    ...and some specific planes...
    Unnamed 17th Tactical Reconnaissance Bomb Squadron plane

    "Sunday Punch" of the 12th Bomb Group, 81st Bomb Squadron

    "Lady Lil" of the 345th Bomb Group, 498th Bomb Squadron

    Some B-25Hs of the 1st Air Commando Group. There were only about 18 B-25Hs that served with the 1 ACG. I have enough info to create about 5-6 plus generics.

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