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    Rainbow 6 Players Pack Red Edition (DLC)
    Name: Player's Pack: Red Edition
    Price: 800 Points
    Availability: Xbox Live Members in all regions
    Dash Details: The development team behind the Award-Winning Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas brings you brand new Multiplayer content available for download, including two new game modes and brand new maps. The renowned Assassination Mode returns, challenging players to safely escort a VIP to a designated extraction point. In addition teams will be confronted with new obstacles in Total Conquest Mode, where teams simultaneously battle to maintain control of three locations on a given map. Not to be outdone, the development team has created new, fully enhanced maps including Doscala Restaurant, Marshalling Yard, Roof and more! All of the celebrated multiplayer game modes, as well as Assassination and Total Conquest, will be playable on all maps including these most recent additions.
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    Not out on the eastcoast yet.Where are you?
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    Where is it? I'm looking all over XBLM and I cant find it, it's not showing up on the game page or on Newly Released Downloads...
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    Glad to hear it is 800 points though.
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    I just checked at 4 a.m. central time and it wasn't there. Oh well, I need my sleep. I guess I'll just download it first thing in the morning.
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    Sorry guys... looks like Major Nelson is lying to us! Not up on live yet by the looks of it. Sorry for the false alarm!
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    It seems to be widespread now. I'm downloading in the UK.
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    It takes a while for content to get distributed to all of their servers. Keep trying and it'll show up eventually. Running the "xbox live test" from the Xbox 360 dashboard disconnects you, and sometimes when you reconnect you'll get a different server so if you're really in a hurry you can try that.
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    im a little grouchy now ive only slept 3 hours in 2 days so this will probably not sound the best.
    10 bucks for 3 maps.
    2 maps i will never play,
    and 2 game modes i will NEVER play
    ubi still is charging for 2 year old content on ba when will this **** stop. you have in game adds that pay for nothing and yet you still charge us more than other game manufacturers for less product..
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    why do you come on here just to constantly ***** at UBI? if you dont like it, dont buy their products, it's as simple as that.
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