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    Hey Guys,

    I know a lot of you have been wondering about whether or not there will be any more updates for Tom Clancy’s EndWar. As you all know, we’ve invested months putting together the updates that are already out for the PS3, X360, and PC on both the server end and the client side. We’ve addressed as many issues as we could in the time that we had, but at this stage the dev team has to move on to new projects.

    This means that there will be no more downloadable client-side updates for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of EndWar. However, there will still be server support and a team of developers will continue to monitor the Theater of War to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

    There is also still one final patch for the PC version of EndWar coming soon which focuses mainly on enhancing stability. Expect to see a list of what it fixes soon.

    We know that this isn’t what you all want to hear, but the team has done their best to address as many issues as possible within the time they were given. These forums will continue to be monitored and your feedback will play a vital part in our work on future projects.

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    Will we see more DLC and get support when the servers are down?
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    what does this mean in terms of dlc?
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    All DLC for EndWar has been delivered. There are currently no plans for more DLC.

    Servers are still being monitored.
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    wow...i cant believe the job security these worthless, lazy, untalented developers have. with the horrible customer treatment, false advertising and countless other issues and now they are abandoning this game and moving on to make another worthless piece of garbage that will also fail.
    I wish i could get my money, and time wasted on this pathetic excuse of a game back.

    i will never again buy a game that comes from this development team.
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    I can understand not having the time to add new DLC, but you're not even going to patch in something as basic as a filter for quick matches? How that wasn't in the release build is beyond me.

    I cant express how bad I feel about Ubisoft now. I enjoy playing Endwar more than any game I've played in years while at the same time ignoring the obvious faults in the software. This product was so blatantly rushed out the door and unfinished and now you're hanging us all out to dry. Well you got my money this time, but if I'm expecting this sort of treatment from Ubisoft, you can be sure it won't be so easy to take money from me in the future.
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    I'm extremely disappointed at this news. So much for tons of free DLC and most supported ubi game. This game has SOOOO MUCH POTENTIAL. Its a shame that ubisoft didn't recognize it.
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    Well, if Ubi is abandoning this game, I think it is time for me to do so as well. I only play single-player(on this game, not all games) now anyways.

    I'll certainly not pre-order EndWar 2(if there is one), and I will be doing a comprehensive analysis of it once it comes out to see if any improvements are worth the $60.
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    Any hope for more Double EXP weekends? I didn't think that would require massive dev. support. I hop so anyway.
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    Those were your updates? That's a good joke. Well thanks for the "updates" and "DLC" that you gave us but you really should have spent months working on the real problems, not on things that would distract us while you didn't fix them.
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