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    It's clear in the different polls (this one for example http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/t...3/m/5291058223 )

    that we want ether FPV or FPWV. Please follow what the fans want...
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    They aren't going to do that with the console version. It sounds like it will be an option though. The console version is for prepubes and means that anyone wanting anything tactical will have to buy the PC version.
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    Any confirmation one way or the other?
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    make it a server option for

    1 - first person only
    2 - first person with weapon
    3 - third person

    or whatever the settings are going to be

    or just allow all of them in there.

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    Can someone from Ubi PLEASE give current status? If it has not been decided yet, tell us at least that.
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    Be nice to see it on consoles.

    Trying to strategize on PC games is about as pointless as trying to glue things together with soap.
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    ugh, Just because The_Biggy and some others want FPS doesn't mean we all should have to suffer through their nightmare. I enjoy 3rd person, and I came from OGR and GRIT and thought the FP was cool back then. Now that I played OTS, I don't even know I would buy GR3 if it was FPS only. So it pisses me off that because someone likes FPS that they are trying to force it onto others who prefer it the other way around. Why should we have to play it your way? What the hell is wrong with being able to play it the way we want? You can play it your way and I can play it my way. I doubt you would like me trying to get GR3 to be 3rd person only. Maybe I should just to shake things up!
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    I will ask the original question.

    Can Ubi confirm if a decision been made or not?
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    Anymore news on this?
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    I'm going to save you some time. More then likely you won't get a response on these forums. Some game developers are willing to discuss their product with their customers but UBI is not. You may agree or disagree with how they handle these things, but thats the way it is done around here. Do not expect an answer until they release info.
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