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    ok this maybe an old resolved question but here I go. on the p-38 the front tanks are shown as full even if you run out of fuel. is the weight of those tanks modled into extra weight for the plane or because it not useable it not added (i hope) if it is added can we get it removed or get to use the fuel in the next patch? thanks for your time
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    If the gauge shows fuel when you are out, the gauge is erroneous. The weight of the fuel is not there.
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    apparently - even the weight of the ammo is moddeled

    which is said to be the most noticable in the P-39

    but as i said - apparently
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    I am certain that there is a difference with performance related to quantity of fuel on board. Try Seafires vs Zekes with 100% and then 50% of fuel.

    Has anyone else found the Seafire's fuel gauge to be erroneous?
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    so there is a chanch that the weight of the fuel in the unacessable front tank might be added? this could explane some of the 100's of post on p-38 preformice in game compared to real life documents. hmmmm we need input from a coder
    thanks cuda
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    There isn't an inacsesesible front tank.

    All fuel is considered part of the same tank for consumption and leaking. Seperate tanks, or gauges showing fuel for seperate tanks, ins't possible in the IL-2 engine.

    So the gauge you are referring to is for show only.
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    has anyone done a table of fuel load weight for each/some of the planes? I.E 100% = X pounds/kilos?For the p-38 or the 109
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    Historically many planes had fuel guages on the main tank only, the last one used.
    It has been posted before, the guage does not show all tanks.
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