I'm still playing, but with vacations and holidays all used up for the year, I'm forced to play it when I can, as opposed to when I want. That usually means three day intervals.
Speaking of work, saw a really horrific MVA the other night. Not even our own, but a nearby town requested assistance. Seven people (all early 20s) crammed into a small Jeep Cherokee that slammed into a utility pole. They were leaving a local nightclub and didn't even get 1/10 of a mile away before slamming into the pole. Sheared the pole right off, causing it to fall (along with high tension electrical lines) clear across the roadway. There were two females in the vehicle (sisters), one was unresponsive when I arrived. EMTs later told me that she may not make it. I couldn't help thinking at the scene, when I was bandaging the head of a badly injured male, that one minute they're out having the time of their lives with friends and the next, they're all badly injured with one clinging to life. They all had been drinking, including the driver. Boy, is his young life about to change forever. All in an instant of time.

That seems to be the defining factor in all the calls that I respond to: an instant in time. Last week, we had a male, dejected, alone; put a bullet through his own head. The other night, my partner and I sent another one to the hospital psych-ward after he threatened to take his own life. He even left a farewell note for his children, that's how close it was. Had we shown up a few moments later, who knows. It breaks my heart, every time.
Oops, sorry MWolfe. It seems I've gotten way off topic here.

Anyway, I'll be firing up the game today. It still relieves stress and, right now, seems more necessity than leisure. BTW, I sank a heavy cruiser the other day during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. Wasn't in a good position to sink anything else, even though I've been to this battle before. Seems I'm losing my touch.