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    The control on your right hand got a + bottun,if you press it,the game will be paused.I think that if your wii is in German then the games will be in German too.So if you change the language of your console it will automatic change the game language too.

    If your console isn't in german,start Tenchu Shadow Assassins,go to options and then search for the language and change it.
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    Originally posted by Tenchuwoh:
    The control on your right hand got a + bottun,if you press it,the game will be paused.I think that if your wii is in German then the games will be in German too.So if you change the language of your console it will automatic change the game language too.

    If your console isn't in german,start Tenchu Shadow Assassins,go to options and then search for the language.
    WooHoo! Got it!! Thank you so much. Like I said I thought I'd pressed everything 100 times already with no answer.

    Language is a whole other matter! Buy games here the sleeve notes and instructions will be in German, but the game may be in English or German (no way of knowing, or switching), you won't know until you have it home and put it in the console.

    So, we have to buy them from the UK, to be sure the games are in English. This game however was one we bought locally, so the instructions are in German, but the game happens to be in English. Our console is set to English... but that doesn't help with reading the instruction book hehe, and just FYI it will NOT overide a game where the disc runs in German (as I found out with locally bought copy of Call of Duty Black Ops)

    Anyway. Many many thanks for your help!

    I expect we might cross paths again
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    Nop,i hope that you will enjoy this game,its my favorite game series.If you want any tips,secrets or help for this game write it here

    Btw since u cant understand the instruction book here is a page with the most important things that you must know(from the instruction book):

    ************************************************** *****************************

    At the menu screen, you have three options: Options, Story, and Assignments.

    With Options, you have display settings (toggle blood and the melee guide on
    and off), sound settings, controller settings (change sensitivity), system
    settings (choose difficulty and toggle auto-save and tutorials on and off),
    and bonus (gallery, music library, sound library, and memories).

    Gallery is a collection of concept art, unlocked by beating 10 Assignment
    missions (63).

    Music Library and Sound Library are collections of the music and sounds in the
    game, unlocked by beating 20 Assingment missions (25 and 297 respectively).

    Memories are a collection of cutscenes and other movie files (45).

    Sometimes, during the story mode, a slain enemy will drop a thin scroll or
    cd (gather these to get more sketches, music, and sounds).

    Story represents story mode, where you will play through 10 Missions.

    Assignments are a collection of short missions. There are a total of 50
    assignments. Unlock assignments by beating missions (the higher your rank,
    the more you unlock).

    During the game, the lower left-hand corner of the screen will contain:
    Compass : Points the way to the next area or target.
    Yellow Moon : Normal status but you are not hidden.
    Black Moon : You are hidden.
    Purple Moon : Enemies are aware and searching for you.
    Red Moon : You have been discovered.
    Stars : The size and location of stars indicate enemy position.
    Flashing Moon: Indicates that you are very close to an enemy.
    Red Waves : Indicates that you have made a loud noise.

    Basic Moves
    ************************************************** *****************************

    The basic moves of a ninja. Master these to become a true Grandmaster.

    Move: Control Stick on nunchuk.

    Jump: C button. Run using the B button to jump farther.

    Mind's Eye: Z button.

    Turn Around: Shake the nunchuk.

    Select Item: Left or Right on the control pad.

    Ready the Item: Down on the control pad.

    Drop/Exchange Item: Up on the control pad.

    Action: A button.

    Run: Hold B button when moving forward.

    Strafe: Hold B button when moving to the sides.

    Cancel: Press B button in menus or when your item is readied.

    Hayate: Flick wii-mote up and down to quickly dash. If a shadow or hiding place
    is near, you will dash there.

    Motion Kill: Swing wii-mote or nunchuk to perform different hissatsus.

    Swing Sword: Flick wii-mote up and down when the ninjato sword is equipped.
    Swing the wii-mote in a given direction during a swordfight.

    Block Sword: Angle the wii-mote to block the enemies sword strike duringa

    Hide: Approach smoky, shadowy areas to hide. If you turn black, you are hidden.

    Mind's Eye: Highlights enemies and objects that you can interact with.
    Intensifies the look of shadows to show where you can hide,where
    the enemies are looking, and shows footsteps of where you can go

    Extinguish Flames: Put out candles by pressing A when you are next to them.
    For more intense flames, use a Bamboo Tube.

    Wall Hug: Press your body against a wall and move stealthily.

    Corner Look: While pressed against a wall, move toward a corner to peak out.

    Wall Push: When wall-hug corner-looking, press A to jump out.

    Corner Climb: At certain corners, when prompted, you can climb the corner and
    wait for your unsuspecting foes.

    Hissatsu: Instant Kills. Enemies aware of your presence are not susceptible to
    hissatsu. The screen will flash blue to indicate you can hissatsu an enemy.

    Multiple Hissatsu: If you approach multiple enemies without being noticed, you
    can take all of them out by following the on-screen prompts. The screen will
    flash yellow to indicate you can hissatsu two enemies; the screen will flash
    red to indicate you can hissatsu three enemies.

    Ancient Hissatsu: After you have completed 30 assignments, you can perform an
    ancient hissatsu. While you are behind an enemy, initiate a hissatsu and
    waggle your wii-mote up and down to perform the extra hissatsu.

    Move Object: Press A on top of an object to pick it up, B to drop it, or swing
    the wii-mote to throw it (boxes only).

    Hayate: Move quickly and silently. If a shadow or hiding place is near, you
    will dash to cover.

    Oni Hayate: If you hayate between multiple bushes/shadows in a row, you may
    get the chance to hissatsu a nearby enemy who is normally too far away to

    Ledge Hang: Hang on ledges of walls or roofs by pressing A when prompted.

    Move Boxes: Push around large boxes by pressing the control stick against the
    object. Rikimaru can move large boxes holding wooden sticks, Ayame cannot.

    Utsusemi/Cicada Technique: If you are discovered and do not have a sword, you
    will perform this technique and begin again at the beginning of the section.
    If you are defeated in a sword fight, you will also use this technique.
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    Thanks for that. You'll see it has nothing to say about Pause mode! hehe...

    Ok, I'm stuck.
    Level 2, last section. I enter the huge hall, go to the left in the shadows... creep up behind the guard and kill him. Fine

    But where do I move the box? I've tried several times to push it against the wall and get to the upper floor where a guard patrols. Trouble is, even if I try to time it for him walking away, every time I hop there I'm instantly killed.

    Any ideas?
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    Okay here is the solution:
    1st Go fast and kill the enemy on the left
    2nd There are four "Shadows" in the middle.go to the first one and then move the "Wii-Mote"(The controller on your right hand) and Rikimaru will go to the second "Shadow"(This is the Hayate Move) then do it again,and he will go in the third and then do it again and he will go in the last one(Do this very fast).When you reach the last one it will tell you to press a bottun(A i think) press it and Rikimaru will jump from the shadows and kill the guard on the right(This is the Oni-Hayate Move)
    3rd When you kill him there is another bandit on the right,move near the wall and go behind him and kill him,Wait until the boss look at the other side and run fast at the begging of the section.
    4thMove the box against the wall,get on it and then press A,Rikimaru will jump and hang on the upper floor(Dont get on),wait for the enemy to come and Press A to stealth kill him.
    5thGet on the upper floor,turn back and you have to jump on the other side of the floor.Go as back as u can and then Run(B) and Jump(C).Wait until the enemy on the middle turn arround and kill him.
    6thThere is one last bandit on the left,go at the end of the upper floor on the left and jump down,go behind the enemy and kill him.Wait until the boss to see you and Move the Wii Mote and Rikimaru will go back and hide.
    7Th and last one wait until the boss look away and run at the beggining of the level again,get on the box,on the upper floor,jump on the other side go in the middle and jump down to kill the boss!

    Hope i helped

    Btw watch all the videos of the game.The Cinematic Storyline is Great
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    Thanks for that, that stage seemed to took forever.

    I found jumping the gap on the left very hard, so ended up going down the right and back over the brigdge in the middle (long way but smaller jump). Until I realised you can push the box over and hop up from there, rather than jumping.

    Anyway, finally did it. Thanks again!

    p.s. yep we're enjoying the cine pieces too
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    Next problem

    We were playing Level 3 yesterday, we got right through to the boss-fight with Rinshi in which we inevitably got instantly wiped out (the sword fights suck, my son is the only one to have managed to even get into Attack Mode, on just one occasion!).

    We'd been saving the game all along yesterday with no problem, so ended the day thinking we'd come back to the boss-fight today. But no, it's taken us right back to the start of level 3 again!

    Do you know why this happens? As for us it means if you don't win the boss fight by the end of the day you lose the entire level, and that really would be very tedious!
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    Probably because you didn't choose "Save and Quit" from Pause Menu before you quit the game.
    The sword fight is really hard at the beggining,it doesn't suck,but it is really hard.For me now,it is rediculous in "Normal" mode,i mean very easy,but i've played 140Hours this game.Make sure to watch which move is doing your enemy,after many many fights,when he is starting to move his hand to attack you,you will understand where he wants to hit you.
    It doesn't sucks,it needs practise.
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    Ok thanks, I'll try the boss fight again when I get back to that point.

    Maybe you're right on the quit&save. Although we had already saved after each scene in Level 3, at the end of the day my wife called down to me 'Have we saved it, can we turn it off?' and I said yes. She just clicked home and exit, not quit&save. Funny that that wipes out all the save points you've made in the level. Still, lesson learned!
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    It is very cool that all your family plays Tenchu together lol.
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