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    Hi guys,

    I've started a new thread here for any questions that you have about the game features or other details.

    The first questions are from one of the other threads:

    "First: is the release date actually Sept. 22nd? That's an easy one as it's looking more and more like the correct release date."

    I wish I could confirm this, but it's in Ubisoft's hands right now.

    "Any more info on multiplayer details? Mostly I'm curious if you guys included any coop modes and split screen play into this game as you did with the previous? I used to have LAN parties with the 2 player split screen system linked with like 4 other (original) xboxs with HotP and loved every second of it. With split screen seeming dying out this generation, have you guys cut it also?"

    Heroes Over Europe has four different multiplayer modes: Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Survivor and Team Survivor. Each of the multiplayer modes is presented with normal and team options, so players can play a simple dogfight game against all other players or the sixteen players can split into two teams to fight it out. Survivor mode is a last-man-standing mode, where the planes don't respawn during each of the game's rounds. This leads to totally different strategies, especially in team games, as players fight to stay alive rather than just going for kills at all costs.

    As for co-op and split-screen modes, no we don't have these. Split-screen was possible on the original Heroes because we could better control the visual load on the game (it was just islands). With the visual detail that we have in the cities in Heroes Over Europe, the graphical degradation required to allow split-screen to run would be too drastic to be acceptable.

    "What are the pre-order bonus planes that Gamestop is offering?"

    The two pre-order planes are the Spitfire Mk IX-c and the ME109 G10. Both of these planes can be unlocked through normal play (albeit on high difficulty levels), but the codes from Gamestop will unlock these planes at the start of the game. The Spitfire can be used on missions where it's viable (i.e. not torpedo missions), and the ME109 can be used when replaying missions (such as to complete the mission on a higher difficulty level than first completed).

    Justin Halliday
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    I'm not too saddened by the split screen as it seems LAN parties happen less and less these days, and I can certainly appreciate the visual quality of the game taking a serious hit with the additional rendering requirements. I am REALLY disappointed that there is no coop though...
    So Ubisoft seriously hasn't let you guys know when it plans to distribute the game? I assume it's gone gold, yeah?

    As always, we appreciate being 'in the loop' with your responses Justin!
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    Will Heroes have Flight Stick support? Specifically, the Ace Edge Hori stick and the Saitek Aviator for the 360?
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    Thanks for clearing up the planes, now I know not to waste my time pre-ordering, and I'll just getit off the shelves...though people will have an advantage online rightaway if you have to unlock planes to use 'em online
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    Hi Keoben,

    All planes are unlocked for online play (they're grouped into a selection of balanced plane packs).

    The advantage of the pre-order planes is that you can use them to complete missions more easily than would be the case with the normal plane unlocking progression.

    Justin Halliday
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    Hi I was wondering if online games are going to be separated between 'Arcade' and 'Realistic' controls or if both will play on the same server.
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    Hey. It's nice to hear from you again Justin.

    How will joining on-line games work? Will we be able to see all games being played and the time remaining, or just the games that are in the lobby?

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    I'm wondering if there's going to be any major differences between the PC and X-Box 360 versions.

    Will the PC version have all the same achievements, DLC and 360 controller support as the 360 version, seeing as it's Games For Windows Live?
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    Console Controllers:
    I'm not exactly sure which controllers will work with the console versions, as we don't have all of them in-house to test. The Ace Edge controller relies on the game having Ace Combat style control mappings (Throttle on triggers, A/B to fire, etc), which we do not have. Your best bet is a configurable console flight stick.

    Controller Selection In Online:
    Online games aren't grouped depending on the player's control selection, everyone plays together.

    Joining Online Games:
    Online games can be joined to the lobby or you can late-join into a game in progress (if it's unranked).

    PC vs Xbox360:
    The PC version is not GFWL, so if you're after Achievements/Trophies, then you want the console versions. The major differences for the PC version is joystick and flight controller support (including the USB Xbox360 controller) and higher resolutions. Other than that, the games are the same.

    Justin Halliday
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    I have a question for the devs: Will there be AI players that you can setup in multiplayer matches like you could do in HotP?

    Any word on what the altitude cieling is?
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