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    I need to find out who made vistafix for vista.
    because i need someone to make a fix for vista / window 7 with ATI Card, many people who plays rogue spear has vista or window 7 with ATI video card, won't work on RS, unless they have nvidia video card, then it will. (i know it seem werid but its true) i have tried to help many people to fix that, and i can't find a way, i have tried everything. they stopped playing because they do not want to waste their $ on nvidia video card just to play rogue spear.
    So i need someone to make this fix, thank you.
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    I have same problem too! On my CoreDuoE8400 3Ghz and ati hd4850 Rogue Spear 2.05 was crash after run and give me standart system error of Win7 Any1 know how to fix it?
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    gotta ATI 4570 on windows 7.

    same problem.. launch game and it just crashes. tried the vista fix, the patches, reinstalls, and nothing seems to work.

    Any help would be apprciated.
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    I have similar problem with my ATI 5770. I've tried all fixes that I found on-line and nothings worked. When I start up Rogue Spear, Aero/Color Scheme turns to Windows 7 basic and crashes. What I find intriguing is that I can still play the original "Rainbow Six" Flawlessly along with many other games from that era.
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    Anyone figured this out yet? I just installed the old Rogue Spear and I would really like to play it again.
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    Thanks for reviving the thread Smoked1.

    Alot of us are still looking for an ATI/Windows 7 fix
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    I have similar problem with my ATI 5770.
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    Bumping again.

    Did everyone seriously give up on half of the rogue spear community who isnt running on GEForce?
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    Help us

    Im still searching for a solution for that problem. I bought a ATI video card but im about to sell it just to be able to play Rogue Spear!
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    Hi guys, if you submit a ticket with technical support they may be able to help, the link is in my signature.
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