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    I'm thinking about going back a playing myst again. Wich version should I get? The masterpeice edition is remastered and has new audio... But the RealMyst version is 3D rendered, And I also heard there is an age called Rime in it that is not in the other games. Can anyone help me with this decision? thanks.
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    Got Myst (original, not MME) and then realMYST - won't play original Myst again because realMYST waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better and has Rime Age. Nuf said?
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    Yep realMYST all the way though I'm having a problem at the end (hi Heuris ). I have compared the video, Rand Miller has even redone the Atrus sequences, he really improved his acting skills over the years.
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    If Real Myst is Better. why did they not include it in the 10 aniversary collection?
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    Good question. My guess would be that because realMYST didn't come out until 2000 (some 7 years after Myst) and is not in the format of the original Myst which the 10th Anniversary celebrates. It would also bump the system requirements up a notch or two higher than Riven or Exile an might prevent many from buying it?
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    realMYST might not have caught on as well as they thought it would as well. I lvoed all teh extra things you could see.
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    Myst is just not the same when you can walk around freely.
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    I would love to have RealMyst to complete my collection.........but I can't find it. It's not in the stores anymore and not at Amazon either.

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    Have you tried here?
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    Interesting thing about that pic; curious why it won't show...

    As for realMYST - it's a seller's market right now. Tried eBay?
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