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    is anything supposed to happen after i finish arranging the codex pages into the map because whenever i do during the x marks the spot mission nothing happens
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    i know same here and then it doesnt let me live the room ive arranged them to look like a map when you turn on eagle vision and placed the apple on the pillar but nothing happens=/
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    dude i just figured it out align it right you need like a big screen to make sure everything is aligned perfect
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    it needs to be a perfect world map.it took me like 40mins to get it right.
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    And then what?

    Were we supposed to be rewarded with something? Once I finished the map, I heard a sound, but can't find anything different in the world. All along I assumed something new would open in the Villa, but nada.

    Am I missing something?
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    hey can anyone of you help me... you know the first time you see the map with hardly anything on it and your uncle tells you to find 4 codex pages... i have found 3 and i'm stuck any help?
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    I can't remember that far back, at the moment, Seeker. As far as I recall, codices are always marked on the map once all local viewpoints are reached.

    As to my question above: Never mind. I apparently deciphered the codices long before necessary. I didn't realize this part was going to be story-driven, as well.
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