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    It's that simple. Or is it?


    I can't even begin to think how Nunn came up with this puzzle; it isn't really composed, but inherent in the initial position in chess. I can personally assure you that it is possible (you may still not believe it), as I finally figured it out after many hours of staring at it
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    Man do i hate these puzzles where a bazillion moves are possible....

    Haven't looked at it closely yet but somehow that "knight takes rook mate" is hiding something... Like a discovery where another piece actually mates the king. That piece would probably be a queen or a bishop which could mean that a pawn has to move. The thing is, you have to throw every chess principle you know for this puzzle. Finding the worst possible move is the key.

    There are multiple mates in less than 4 moves but getting one in 5 where the 5th move is NxR....That is one annoying problem
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    anyone found any interesting ideas for this puzzle ?
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    The solution can be worked out logically, by deducing ways which cannot work, and thus realising the only possible way to mate. However it is a bit harder to actually find the solution than this (although it really shouldn't be) and when you figure it out, you will probably wonder why it took so long to find given its apparent simplicity.
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    Wait a minute here..i have to look for mate WITH the black pieces ?! If this is the case, i wasted my time here ! They could at least have mentionned it...

    So it's mate with black or white pieces. I'll be on hold until i know.
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    That is one of the points of the puzzle. After a few minutes it becomes evident that it is impossible to mate with white.
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    Holy ****, found tons of 6 move solutions, but I am still unable to complete the puzzle in 5 moves...
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    I know it, quite easy when you think about it...
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    If anybody wants to know, just ask me!
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    I think I solved the puzzle. And it is with white.When you figure it out your going to die laughing your butt off.
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