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    Originally posted by Sorceresss:

    2. Patch ?! New, totally redesigned Town Screens in a free patch ? You are an optimist.
    Haha nah, quite the opposite actually. If I truly believed them, I would buy the game at launch without hesitation. But alas, that's not the case, and therefore I must take a "wait-and-see" approach.
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    Our aim for Heroes 6 was to develop the fun parts of the game and trim all unnecessary repetitive, tedious tasks.
    Get rid of the cutscenes! They are repetitive, and tedious to watch. I have to spam click the skip button every time my might hero performs an "Attack" command. You could do something similar to the Magic heroes' attack without the need for a cutscene. It was annoying in H5, and guess what, it's still annoying in H6!

    The conversion cutscenes need to go as well. Do we really need to see a cutscene for this? I personally think having some special effects happen on the world map look much better.

    Also, the blood/tears cutscenes aren't as bad since you only see them once in a long while, but they're extremely dull. I mean zooming in and out, then falling down in pain? Ooook.
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    The Townscreens

    We all agree on the fact that the townscreens must be revised, and although we won’t be able to change them for release, rest assured that this feature update is on the top of our priority list in our post-launch support plan.
    ZNOOOOOORK!!! Is this that big news that will make everybody happy? OMG! This is textbook example how things shouldn't ever be handled.

    This is one of the worst public releases that I have ever seen. One vague sentence about obvious and very serious "town windows" issue.

    UBI is handling this like preschool child and I cannot decide if they are detached from reality and unaware of situation or just plainly ignorant.

    Anyway I just have to say that this is disgrace how they handle community and franchise.
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    So the beta is closed ... well I for one appreciated the experience and thanks to UBI for that ...

    Yes I also have concerns about the group of core design decisions that seem to be generating the most controversy on these forums, but hey that doesnt change my thought that being invited to participate in the game in a pre commercial release has been a positive experience for me.

    If I was given the opportunity to press a single button and change just one design element, it would be removing the homogeneous feel of the new hero progression and development pathways. A key design objective seems to have been capping the influence of random chance as a directing factor in hero develop, but I feel the new hero development model is leading to uniformity as the most effective upgrade pathways seem to be consistent across most scenarios, irrespective of core racial or class characteristics. By way of observation I see some commentators have summarised this as a dumbing down of the game to make it more broadly accessible or attractive to a wider support base in the gaming community. I really think throwing around cliche terms such as 'cookie cutter' hero designs or 'dumbing down' the game is trivialising the process of design and change. It is only natural that some the changes are generating debate particularly within the insular community of dedicated players of the series, this is because we care about the game and we want it to be a success. I remain confident that the developers understand the value of themes that keep HoMM special and by no means are we looking at another HoMM 4.

    Anyway, thanks again to Ubi for the beta it was fun to participate and I will be buying the full collector's edition at release ... man I need a new gaming T shirt my Diablo2 T shirt is definitely looking the worse for wear!!!

    Safe travels all ...

    PS: It seems I can still play custom games, just only seem to have one save slot now and no avatar/dynasty attributes ...
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    Originally posted by karin003:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by BelRi0se:
    ...townscreens do not contribute to strategy or anything and the actual screen allows faster player turns...
    With the fear that the mighty Sorceresss will move this post to the already existing town screen thread, I'll nevertheless reply to this ignorant comment, because it cannot stand unchallenged. (no offence btw! )

    The town screens have a real purpose; It's first and foremost about functionality. It gives you a quick visual overview of the development of your town without having to enter the build or hire menus. The buildings should be clearly distinguishable (including upgraded dwellings). Now you have to enter three different tabs just to get this information.

    It's also meant to give you information about creature stats, growth, upgrades and so on. If it was in full screen that would be no problem to fit. They could even add a mini-map so you could see which town you were visiting. A full screen would also reduce the need of several tabs = less mouse clicks = more efficient.

    And someone actually thinks this window is faster to use than the traditional screens? I can't fathom the reasoning behind that thought. It loads ten times slower than the H5 screens, you have really small buy buttons and the no text policy makes it all take so much more time.

    Then of course you have the immersion factor, and the added feeling of improvement and development that a dynamic artwork offers. Heroes is about building and managing a kingdom, not an RPG with a single hero as focus and the towns as a side note. But that's more about the reduced focus on management in general, and not only town screens. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    As I said, townscreen has nothing to do with strategy. My "ignorant comment" is true and everything you said confirm the fact townscreen is just a plus that won't change anything at all but easier access to stats you could have gotten somewhere else.

    Only one thing you said is true, it's the immersion factor part, but as i said, this doesn't change the gameplay or in game strategy. it's just a luxury item.

    Ps : i don't know how old is your computer, but the actual townscreen loads instantly.
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    You stated "townscreens do not contribute to strategy or anything".
    This is wrong, as I clearly showed. You even said "townscreen is just a plus that won't change anything at all but...". This is called a contradiction.

    You also stated "the actual screen allows faster player turns".
    This is also wrong. Compared to the H3 screen it takes equal or more clicks to do any action. It takes longer to load, and smaller buttons make things take even longer. And having to recruit creatures before you can check out their stats?

    H6 is not focused on strategy anyway, it's more of a tactics game.
    PS: I have a top notch computer
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    Originally posted by Ubi_Irina:

    ... have found ways to reduce the time spent in repetitive micromanagement
    There is one aspect of this that still needs to be implemented. For heroes with Tactics skill, the game needs to remember last battle setup used, and set up the forces for that army to match that setup.

    It was extremely boring to have to keep rearranging the starting setup back to my preferred setup dozens of times for each battle.
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    There are only a certain amount of development resources available for Heroes 6, so it is a question of priority. With respect to town screens, it is perfectly valid for people to chime in "I don't care"; it is also my position. There are MUCH higher priorities than fixing townscreens for ME, and I ask that the resources be directed there instead. My priorities are:

    1. Bug removal, particularly those bugs that cause the game to crash or refuse to launch. With the beta, I typically had to attempt to launch the game an average of 3 times before it would actually launch.

    2. Time wasters. I would like gameplay options that users can set to suppress battle cutscreens, town conversion cutscreens, character upgrade cutsceens, the game launch splash screen, and other timewasters. I also want my battle setup remembered with Tactics.

    3. Improved AI. Right now, the AI logic is so badly flawed that solo games are a waste of time.
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    Well, the part about the town screens obviously can't be what the insiders have hinted at as being the thing that EVERYONE would be excited about.

    I swear, if that thing ends up being about the modding potential of this game as I've seen hinted at, I will be ****ed. I know a lot of people think modding is so great, but to me that's just a lazy way of the devs not finishing a game to it's full potential and saying "here you go, you finish it how you see fit."
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    We the Beta testers have provided you, the developers with lists of many crucial or just plain annoying, game design and bug issues that we've uncovered during the Beta Test phase. You have fixed many bugs and balance issues during that time. We've also listed many more changes that we felt were necessary to be made for the release version of the game, or at the very least, changes that we would like implemented in patches soon after release. With that in mind, my question is this:

    Can you provide us with a list of the bugs/balance/game play and interface issues that you plan to have fixed in the release version? Can you also provide us with a list of other fixes we can expect in early patches? We only know of a few things that you're working on for certain and are completely in the dark with everything else.

    I think for many of us, as of patch 1.4, we feel that this game is still not ready for release but our fears might be eased if we know what you plan to fix and patch early on or plan to have implemented on the release version. I know I would be a "happy camper" with such a list.

    If you want to know what we're worried about, just look here:
    (October release-version: What essential changes are needed?)

    Thank you!
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