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    Hi all-first post!,
    About a month ago, I formatted my PC and naturally installed FB+AEP before really finishing the set up of the operating system.

    So I play AEP happily smiling everytime my high spec PC went into a seizure at 0 range with my favourite me262 and at other times of extreme graphical use.

    So I carry on setting up the PC, but instead of using microsoft JAVA (is that there by default) I installed the SUN JAVA RUNTIME files, well my framerates soared with no freezing whatsoever for the first time ever....

    Was that the day you replaced the crappy system you dare to call high spec? you may ask. No and nor was it, it would seem, a coincidence....

    Tonight I told a friend on HL about this and he curiously installed the said file....he then joined my server........

    FRIEND ON SERVER - "WTF 40fps on PERFECT...Never before" he cries!!!!!

    Here is the link

    The file is second from top called
    J2SE v 1.4.2_06 JRE

    I will not be held responsible for your water coolers exploding or your keyboard warping or similar.....Only try this is you are confident in installing/uninstalling software.

    Comp guys, any reason for this?

    Thanks for reading, hope it helps

    3 more people have tryed it with 100% success!
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    thanks for the heads up man ill have to test it tonite for myself just intime for pf perfect
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    Hawk: Let me know how it works maybe you can talk me through it ....(Im a computer dumb@$$)
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hawk_9th:
    thanks for the heads up man ill have to test it tonite for myself just intime for pf perfect <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'll just keep watching this thread until the tech_savvy guys get it sorted out.
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    Oh yeah, let's keep track of this!!!!
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    Interesting that you mention this and thanks btw...I had already installed this a few weeks ago because of a java problem unrelated to FB/ACES, but I noticed offhandly that my FPS had improved online. I didn't put much thought into it until now, I just figured the server was running more smoothly than normal.

    In PF I routinely have above 45fps in perfect mode compared to the 25 in ACES....I'll need to check ACES again to verify if there is an actual improvement but I thought I had noticed one. I wonder if this version of Java is the reason....hmmm.

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    Thks for reading guys/gals.

    Old_Canuck do you fly as Crazy_Canuck in HL?
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    Wow.. PF with perfect settings I don't stutter at all anymore, whereas before I had stutter if I looked around, or something like that.

    Especially when flying over bases with flak. Not a stutter at all anymore.

    Also, I can have more than 2 Bittorrent DLs going at once, when before my PC would crash if I had 2 or more running.

    I'm not sure if the update contributes to my sudden increase in performance in PF, but I sure thank you for fixing my BT =)

    P.S. - I don't know how to check FPS in-game, which is why I'm not sure if there was a difference or not.

    Dell p4 1.5/512MB RAM/ radeon 9600 pro
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    How bizarre. Will have to try this
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    IL2 uses java in its scripting process. I would assume this Sun Java is better then Microsofts.

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