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    Has anyone used them outside the campaign? I used them in a skirmish with the AI (even the AI doesn't even used them!) to go behind the enemy base and capture an airfield for harassment, and it worked. Haven't tried it online yet though.
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    I did the paratroop rush early in my career, when I used to play as UK. It stops working after about level 10 though (if you're lucky).

    I will rarely even bother researching them now, unless I see a glaring opportunity. But even then it's so easy to see them coming and pop out a couple of static AAs and you've wasted the money.

    They can be useful to drop hardened infantry into cities or supply depots, but unless your the UK, it's more cost effective to use ground troops.
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    Aye - I don't think I've used them once, although I've sure shot a lot of them . Other than a 'hail Mary' para rush at the start, I think there's potential for them to be useful late game _if_ you're dropping them off to one side under radio silence, for some infiltration (say, on Tank Graveyard), if the main fight is going on the other side, and you think they're a bit light on with recon. But it's a lot of RUSEs, and I much prefer my sneaky flanking attacks with medium tanks .
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    They're only really useful for the British, who don't have to research them. However by the endgame all people tend to use tanks and dive bombers leaving infantry in the defensive, in fact, that's the only real use for the paras, setting up defensive ambushes on the enemy's flanks to slow them down.
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    The only time i've really used paras is normally at start of games as UK. (Havent played many games) I do that to rush the forests and cities which surround my enemy's base... Then after i reinforce them with ATs and AAs under radio silence to prevent them from being able to expand and take over nearby supply depots.
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    Paras are a great tool online when used correctly and in moderation, like any other unit. I find they can be pretty good at getting around the flanks of enemies and forcing them to watch thier back. If you can sneak recon around your enemy (usually i do this on D-Day, the German side naturally... harassing them depots is so easy with a greyhound!).. you can do some pretty mean damage against your foes.

    Usually if you can keep them busy enough with the paras you can force them into playing more turtle-like. People generally speaking aren't born to multi-task so having to scroll from one side of the map to the other on a console on top of that fact.. it sort of makes your enemies a bit less effective in combat as they have to watch their front and back. The best defense is offense after all!

    Just a word of advice on para-dropping though.. don't drop 'em unless you intend to use 'em! If done correctly can be good for ambushes in cities behind enemy lines... hell, I did that to a guy earlier today in 1v1 with regular heavies from the barracks. Got 'em in a town next to his base, stole his forward armour base.. forced him to kill it. Didn't really use recon very effectively at all. Was great! Made him surrender after a fierce defense. He was italy, i was US and the map was the really small one, side by side is the 2v2 name.

    He armour *****d too much.. i AT'd him out and then eventually outgunned him with the Supers. Made him surrender when he saw 'em badboys !

    Anyway, the key to my post here is that infantry are very effective when used properly and paras are good for getting places your barracks infantry can't.
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    para rush works only on noobies
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    Originally posted by fattoler:
    They're only really useful for the British, who don't have to research them. However by the endgame all people tend to use tanks and dive bombers leaving infantry in the defensive, in fact, that's the only real use for the paras, setting up defensive ambushes on the enemy's flanks to slow them down.
    I agree, they are great for setting up some Ambushes quickly, because they can get to a specific location much faster than ground troops, which take forever.

    They are also very good for setting up ambushes in cities before the enemy can get there...

    I research them sometimes just for that reason.

    Ground troops are so slow that they become worthless if the area you want to ambush is far away...by the time they get there..the fight has begun and finished

    So sometimes I use them quite frequently

    But they are super easy to see when they are parachuting from the plane, and it is a slow journey before they touch ground and will usually get KIA if AA guns are nearby
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    lol german para are the best lol.. i just vs a guy in elite league and caught him with it ... lol he didnt see it coming and it was gg from there
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    I just figured out that if you use Paras to attack depots early on you can do some serious damage and slow your opponent down quite a bit...they will either allow their money to go dry or they will have to focus a good amount of attention on getting them back...and Paras move by plane so they can be there before they have enough units to deal with the situation...

    Even when they do start pumping out tanks and infantry, they won't be able to just come and rush you...besides it will take time to get the money rolling again even when they manage to recapture them...

    Paras are powerful and can decide the match if used right...

    Like I said..I just figured out effective ways to use them and still haven't seen all of the possibilities...But let me also say, Pretty much everything they teach you how to use in the campaign will help your overall game and skill...

    The way I see it...infantry can lay ambushes, take buildings and depots...or attack AT guns, so having infantry that can be deployed quickly is always a benefit...and they are stronger than light infantry...so they can even be used to defend your own bases and depots if you decide not purchase a barracks in the beginning...

    And you can always deploy a recon plane so there is no need to spend your first dollars on barracks at all, which can free up money for an Armor base which can be used to attack them while they are scrambling to get those depots back before going flat broke....
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