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    Will they be distributed evenly or do you have to fight your partner for use of the points?
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    i think they mite give each teammate their own set so it mks it more fun nd a little easier to get units on the battlefield
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    I have posted about this before so I consider myself a pro on the subject.

    Naw I saw a video on Gamespot where an ally computer took a control point and the guy playing didnt receive any points. So you will have to "compete" to get points that way.
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    i dont think they would do that. maybe the guy left the game so they gave the other guys his points. i think the more people there is then the bigger the battle will be in terms of number of units.
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    ^Nope the max is 24 units on the battlefield for every battle. That includes both sides even if your playing a 4v4 your side can only have 12 units.

    Sorry don't remeber the CP situation I think you get the bonus only for your own uplink captures but both teammates still get them at the normal pace. I'm prettyt sure you don't have to compete for CPs Off map support however is a different story.
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    Read Holycrapp's post, I think he knows what hes talking about...
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    o ok...i would have liked to see the battle get massive with more players...it would be kinda sweet
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