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    So, I have a full CH Products system enroute. Combatstick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals.

    Question: Should I program these using their Control Manager software or just use the game to map the assignment like my old stick??

    pros and cons??

    btw, I will use these for Il-2 exclusively.
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    I would recommend you use the Control Manager software. While it may be quicker to program the buttons directly in-game, I've found that if I have to unplug the controllers for any reason, or add a new controller, the setup can get messed up and then I have to start all over again.

    Also, if you use the Control Manager, you can program the mini-stick on the throttle to emulate a mouse, which is useful when you want to look around.
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    Agreed. Take the time to learn and program through CM. The software is so powerful, clean and reliable that it's better in the long run.

    On the other hand, if you don't move your machine much and, as you said, will only use it for IL2, it's really kind of moot.

    I,think the CM software is the best controller software on the market and if you go to the CH Hangar ( http://www.ch-hangar.com ) they will be fantastic help addressing your specific questions.
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    CH Manager allows you to combine your three controllers into One Big Controller as seen by Windows and therefore the game; that means that if you want to add a button bay (or two) or as in my own case, strap a vibrating game controller onto your stick's base to emulate FFB effects, you can.

    As I recall the game senses up to 4 controllers. Using the CH Manager to make your three controllers into one opens up a lot of possibilities for you.


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    .....and it's far preferable to calibrate your controls (i.e. axes) in the CH software, rather than the Windows Game controllers prog....

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    I don't know CH software as I have a Cougar, but I think you are going to enjoy a lot more your setup by installing its software.

    As an example (I guess the 2 softwares offer more or less the same possibilities...) you can program a button as a "toggle" thus producing different commands in sequence each time you press it...

    Or divide in logical "bands" any axis (fixed number or percentage of total throw) and make it perform different actions according to axis position...

    Or making a button "hold" a command output as long as it is pressed down...
    And much more.

    Maybe it can take some time to learn it, but I think that's the way to go with such powerful HW/SW, otherwise you simply don't enjoy it to its full potential.
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    I've never been able to get Il-2 to recognize both my CH stick and pedals at the same time without using the CH software to combine them into one device. If I don't use the software then the game tries to use the rudder pedals as the X and Y axis that should be for the stick.

    Unfortunately the CH software is really buggy. It crashes a lot when I set it up and doesn't do what I tell it to do. Once I get it set up it's fine, but if I unplug my stick and pedals the software gets all messed up and I have to uninstall and reinstall it several times (which requires a reboot of the computer with each uninstall...argh) until it finally works again.
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    If I don't use the software then the game tries to use the rudder pedals as the X and Y axis that should be for the stick.
    The X and Y do really not need to be used for the stick.
    You can assign any axis to any of the Hotas controls in game.

    The only "problem" is in the 'Input' screen where you can set the axis' sensitivities.
    That screen will only show the first controller, so if your Joystick is not the first one (because your pedals are) then you can't set its axis' sensitivities.

    To fix that, see my signature, you can use either JoyControl or IL2Sticks to set all sensitivities for all axis.
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    I tried it both ways, mostly out of curiousity. Using the software and "mapped" mode is the only way I could get it to work correctly.

    Not sure if this is a problem or not but I am needing to load a "map" and download it to my controllers every time I turn my computer off.

    Other than that, these controllers are awesome!
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    The X and Y do really not need to be used for the stick.
    You can assign any axis to any of the Hotas controls in game.
    Doesn't work. When I try to assign roll and pitch to the stick in the HOTAS menu, it says they are applied but then when I start the game up it still thinks the pedals are the stick. Again the only way I can get the game to work with my CH stick and pedals is to use the CH software and combine them into one device.
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