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    so far I have managed to put Soviet stars on my MiG-25!

    Only took an hour!
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    Very cool Impala,
    I am a big AC fan as well and I would love to use your skins if you will post them(especially that black F15). I am also looking into getting into skinning. I am very adapt at PS and other adobe apps and this thread has helped a lot. thanks all
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    and to husker, if u hvnt alrdy found it yeah it is blending options but the colour ur using will denote the blend u'll need.

    for the screen shots, u will have 2 get fraps (u can download a free version from its website) run fraps then run hawx. the yellow frame numbers in one of the corners will mean its working right. F10 is ur screen shot button, it will save the files in th fraps directory, but u may have to change the images to .jpeg files using ps or something as .bmp files eats memory.
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    Thanks Impala...

    Here is my first skin, a Mig-25 Foxbat in old school USSR colours with very dark green nosecone and tailfin tops.

    .dds skin file here

    (The fact that its actually a MiG-31 Foxhound is neither here nor there is it Ubisoft *wink wink*)

    I don't want to post them too big so here you go....

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    A little help would be appreciated. I am unable to find the texture folder to place the files. I have hidden folders displayed and I checked my program files as well as my saved games file for the texture file I even completed a system scan. I have at least two skins unlocked and am a level 22. Any suggestions.
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    I want this for F-14D

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    By skilz862801 at 2009-03-23

    I'm still working on it but you get the idea
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    If you are looking for the folder to put modified skins in you have to make it first.

    Go to Ubisoft/tom clancys HAWX/data and make a folder called "textures". Inside of this on put a folder called "geoms". Put the modified skins in here.

    If you call the modified skin file the same as the original skin file your PC will pick them up instead of the game ones.

    Hope that helps. Shout if you need to.
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    grrrhh >.< cant upload anything at the moment, my drive is working, but the computer cant see it. doesnt seem to be any fault with the cables either. and unfortunatly the texture files are on this drive aswell. has anyone come across a problem like this before?
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