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    I had simialr problems at the weekend where my PC could not see my hard disk through My Computer but could through explorer (i have XP).

    Turned out to be a virus which was easily removed with AVG free.

    Always worth a quick scan :-)
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    unfortunately it also has windows on lol, although i have plugged into a second pc now and that sees it fine, so it might be a problem with the motherboard
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    back again drive's working now, so heres the textures i've been working on.
    Oh and i managed to make that purple tomcat one aswell, hope you like it!
    (btw, you will need to rename the files to the ones the game will recognise)


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    Very nice indeed. I was going to have a go at that purple one, but some of us have to go to work
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    Awesome work Impala !
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    Just an aside - I asked the forum moderator if we could get a modding forum set up, but she said no because Hawx has no official modding tools.

    Guess we'll have to wait until the game is fixed 1st before we can even think about an SDK!
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    ah shame, although i'm not so hot on the program modding part lol, being an art student does have its draw backs :P
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    Impala - I am opening the .dds files to modify in Photoshop CS3 thanks to the nvidia .dds plug-in, but the resolution seems a little fuzzy compared to opening them in the DXTbmp viewer. I can choose from 8,16, or 32 bit in Photoshop, but the higher the worse quality, which confuses me a bit.

    How do you open yours, I'd hate to think I was opening an a non-optional resolution.
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    hmm, when you open the file in photoshop, do you get a prompt "NVIDIA DDS read properties"? thats what i get whenever i open the dds files, and i just choose the first option "load using default sizes" you can convert to 8 or 16 bit, but i dont use those. when the files open, it should be 1024x1024 image size at 72 DPI, although this might all be different in CS3, i use PS 7.
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    Originally posted by husker111:

    If you are looking for the folder to put modified skins in you have to make it first.

    Go to Ubisoft/tom clancys HAWX/data and make a folder called "textures". Inside of this on put a folder called "geoms". Put the modified skins in here.

    If you call the modified skin file the same as the original skin file your PC will pick them up instead of the game ones.

    Hope that helps. Shout if you need to.

    Husker this helps but one more question how do I find the name of the original skins folder and then are the names of the original skins in that folder? And one more where do you get the layouts shown above this post to mod.
    thanks in advance
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