After watching Top Gun with my daughter the other day I felt the "need for speed" and dug out my HAWX disc.

After playing a couple of missions I remembered why I stopped playing the game a few years ago: the PC joystick deadzone issue - which is basically that the deadzone is far too big (even at lowest setting). The issue occurs for roll and pitch (yaw appears fine). Also, minimal joystick movement results in a rotation that is too fast. This means that the game loses a sense of precision flying and in my opinion is a game-breaker.

After searching for a fix and playing around with some settings, I've found that the following setting helps:

_settings_0.1.525.ini (in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X\Profiles)
set the following item:
DeadZone = -1.000000

The deadzone has gone, and now the minimum rotation is about half what it was (but ideally should be reduced further).

I've tried with a selection of negative deadzones and -1 seems to be the best.
The only drawback is that you can no longer pause the game - doing so will render the joystick unresponsive and you'll have to restart the game.

If anyone has found a better fix then please share