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    I am a long-time fan of the series Naruto, and i have an idea for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the universe in which it takes place. I'm not a game developer, i would just appreciate some input on the concept.

    around Shippuden time line after naurto saving village but befor the war sorto of its own time where it doesnt have anything to do with the war abour to happen sorta so u can make your own story up, many shinobi wishing to obtain more power than one man should have, and science has only helped their greed. Kekkei genkai can now be purchased at a steep cost and with limited functionality, clans are no longer made up of lineage, but of loyalty, and obligatory quests are part of that loyalty. Players start out at one of the five hidden villages and can choose to defect at any time, but at the price of being hunted down by an anbu level player. Emotional milestones, such as mangekyo sharingan, can be achieved through a system that tracks players' interactions with one another. Jinchuriki are now hunted and controlled by powerful ninja that know that as soon as they become bijuu, the hunt turns to them. sort of take fable where u have choices through out game where dictates ppl thought about you also with the missions and roaming similar to the skyrim where u can completly chose what to do and it never ends.

    you can alsoe choose village and leave be come rouage as i said before and can join with akatsuki if you want also can seek out more jutsu like sage tecniiqu as u never up through the game. with level system sort of like fallout with the perks but jutsus ect have no cap as u get ex by missions and enemys but have ot like lvl 15 uu become chunin and 25 jonin 50 anbu 100 legendary sanin

    i understand that this is hard to do and get going and it is a very big game and take years but this will be a massive seller due to its massive fan base also a lot other ppl love these type of game, this game would be my dream game

    you need full cutomization such as



    hair style

    skin tone


    clan (witch also dictacts special abilites like sharigan, Byakugan also can be last reamaining of clans like Kaguya clan like Kimimaro ect)


    headban position an style

    clothes, hats,hoods,maskes ect and many different body closthes also have undercother like shirts with joackets over top like akatsuki or sage or hokage
    element (chose one at start and as u level up able to pick more total of three this will open up more justsu for the char )


    there is so much and i now its not easy but this would be my dream game i would never stop play i know its one big jumble and the story need work im no game writer but basic for amazing game : free roam, never ending , thousnad of side missions with the main story line can complete whenevr and game continues after like skyrim, character customization with hundreads of colthes and accsesories, and weopones and thounsands of jutsu the majority is there the anime also thousand of forms with the idea for xbox cause that what i have please make my dreams come true

    guys pitch ideas tweak with mine seeing my little all over the place get the word out if there is enough attentin they will have to best to try.
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    they should make a naruo shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations tag team for xbox,ps3,psp,ps2
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