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    Hello ppl.

    Need help!!
    Bought the game 3 days ago, still have no log in or communication whit servers at ubi.com, same thing in game, how doo i get too play this nice game pls help....

    i have been reading for help in this forum, but dont seem too find any good ways..

    PLS help!!

    Sry for my bad english

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    First try to turn off and disable your Windows and any other Anti-virus program Firewall. Also List your PC specifications. Have you tried reinstalling the Game ?

    If you want to play RUSE online, then the following Internet Ports are Required. read this:


    Also go through this information:


    Are you getting any 'Could not Communicate with Account Server' Message ?

    Find “HOSTS.txt” file under


    Open it with notepad, and ‘Delete’ everything below these two lines of text: localhost
    ::1 localhost

    Now save the file, do make a Backup of this file, reboot, and run the game launcher/game executable as an administrator.

    I would also suggest to empty the DNS cache for those who still got the problem. It can be simply done by entering

    ipconfig /flushdns

    into the windows shell. (Run -> type: cmd, and then press Enter).

    There is an ongoing similar Topic about this issue:

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    Hi again...

    Thx for the help, now my game runs

    I deletet some files in that HOSTE.file-

    and rebootet, now it works..

    Many thx.. Murer.
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