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    Please some wish to have the ramjet-powered hypersonic cruise missile "AS-19" also known as "KOALA" or "Kh-90" as weapon (Qty 1 per bomb bay) aboard russian "TU-160"...
    Please contact me if any information about dimension/geometry/speed/flight profile are needed.
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    1. It was a test weapon.
    2. It was a nuclear warhead.
    3. It was only deliverable by the Tu-142 Bear H and the armament was 1 pair.
    4. Tests were suspended in 1992.

    I entertain the idea of tactical nuclear weapons in this game...others think it will kill most of the game. I personally would like to cook off a few tactical thermonuclear warheads, but....I guess everyone else loves to drop mark 24's instead. Nice find on the missile, though.
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    Hello 214th_Hitman, thank for fast reply

    Yes, you're right. There're no information about commissioning of this missile, but there were some other tests (1 in 1996 and 2 in 1997). The Tu-160 is often mentioned to be able to carry this missile, however too big to fit the rotary dispenser.
    If not yet in service, it may be a question of few years. I gonna come back if I hear somthing !
    This missile would be able to defeat the latest Patriot or Aegis missile system, and gonna fool the futur BMD, as the trajectoy and the final destination of the missile cannot be known. The only system that would be able to defeat a Koala is S-400 or S-500, in good conditions ...

    About the use of nukes in the game, you're right too. But Would you imagine a Tu-160 like in "Sun Breath" with such a missile ? Woooh !
    Or would you imagine a scenario like "3GOmovie", an invader task-force defeated by a 1MT warhead ? A surface explosion would create a "tsunami" and sink all the ships, aircraft-carrier too! (remember "Baker", "Swordfish", "Umbrella" nuclear tests, and these were only 20KT !)

    See ya
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    By any chance did you get this from a dale brown book? I never heard of this weapon till you mentioned it. I just happen to be reading a enw brown book and has this missile in the story.
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    Nukes, why not, Free Falcon 3 has them. I found out by mistake while trying out the instant action mud mover mission.
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    No, I did'nt get this from a "brown book" !
    All the datas I got are from the web for most of them. I work for aerospace industry. I only practice brain benchmarking on ramjet--> prototype--> secret (or new) programms -->Yakhont and GELA--> Tu-160--> LOCK-ON !
    I do not practice "Lock-On" enough, I don't know HOW to generate missions, and so-on. I enjoy to practice aerobatic air-show like.
    All the informations about nuke tests have been found on the web.
    I try to create a new film scenarii that would use such a tandem (Tu-160 + AS-19). NOT for use against cities or civilians, but against fleet, military airports or harbours, military-industrial complex, with a giant wave.
    Why not with blast ? I don't agree with such an use in a game.
    I'm not a movieMaker however I may help one.
    AS-19 is credited to carry two independant (yield 150kn -TBC)warheads that may be dropped 100km apart. Dimensions are known, drop (or launch) parameters is estimated, flight pafth and load factors is estimated. All estimated datas are accurate.
    All what the LockOn Community and MovieMakers need: 2 AS-19 in their Tu-160 bomb-bay !
    I may provide help to LockOn ModelMakers.

    See ya
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