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    Does any one else want to see more of the in game anime, or am I the only one?
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    I haven't gottent that far into the game, but I can tell you the poster is a parody of Magical Twilight:
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    I saw on the web that you can buy Magical Twilight for, like, 600-1000 yen. Man, that makes it less than the price of a week of groceries. Suppose those DVD's Touchdown's got cost the same? I'd take two.
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    Parody or not, I would love to see the in game anime. I think it would be funny and may add to Travis' character, since so little is really known about him in the English version of the game.
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    there's an article on the net about this, but I can't seem to find it... suda said he would love to make it an actual anime, but it's not really up to him. he said contact marvelous entertainment and email them (kindly) requesting to make it actual anime, because they're pretty big on anime, and they have the money.
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    Actually, I kinda think that there are so many things like it available already, that more work in this direction is unnecessary. I guess that Suda could add what Suda wanted to add.
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    Actually, speaking of a week or two, I am Scott_937 and sdkroger.

    --T. Grendell
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    I did some research to try and find somethin' out about it, sounds pretty cliche'.
    There's a new girl in school, and she meets two other girls, the girls find out that they have magical powers, so they decide to fight evil together, and they also have a giant robot.
    It sounds interesting enough, and Travis seems to love it, so I guess Pure White Love Bizarre Jelly for the win.
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