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    the name of the movie is "In Enemy Hands". Amazing movie.b I suggest you see it.

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    not a bad movie..try Das Boot...there is no sub movie to be compared with this one...
    there are good movies on modern subs...Hunt for the red october and K19 the widowmaker...try these...
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    Hmmm, is it about WWII or not?? The picture on the DVD cover shows a modern boat. The text mentions it is set in WWII. I'm confrused.
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    BTW how long is original Das Boot uncut. On Amazon.com its 293 min. Directors Cut is 209 min. I think original was about 6 hrs. or 360 min.
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    yeah it's WWII. I think the cover boat might be the U.S. boat swordfish?which is in the movie. But is was a good movie,only thing that threw me off was that they where firing torpedos at 160mtrs...?
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    Originally posted by Schmidt101:
    BTW how long is original Das Boot uncut.
    Mine is 293 mintues.
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    Yeah i watched "In Enemy Hands" a few days ago and was pleasantly suprised. Except from the submerched fighting between subs it was pretty authentic i think and i liked the german costumes and actors alot. I watched U-571 after that and it was much worse.
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    Originally posted by jasaund7089:
    the name of the movie is "In Enemy Hands". Amazing movie.b I suggest you see it.
    That's one movie I have yet to see. Thanks for the heads-up, jasaund. I'll check that one out.
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    Das Boot's mini-series was 5.5 hours. Though maybe due the way that video is run at a slower speed in NTSC regions I think (something like that anyway) it might be 6 hours in some versions. The longer something goes on for, the higher amount of time that'll be added, half an hour for 5.5 hours doesn't seem too outrageous.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!

    Regarding Das Boot's mini-series version:

    Are the same actors used? In other words, is it an extended version of the movie, or a whole different cast, et cetera?

    Is it available on DVD? I recently bought the shorter movie-length version, and would love to get a copy of the mini-series version if it's obtainable in DVD.

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