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    I have a Logitech G9 mouse and every time I sprint, I cant change direction. I can only run in a straight line (with a sidestepping movement from keyboard (a + w)). If I walk its np turning etc, but start running, I end up being a 1-dimensional caracter . Anyone else have that problem and solved it
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    That's on purpose I think. You can only sprint in a straight line, cause you should use it only for a short time, to get to some cover or so.
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    yep, its intentional, you'll notice you can turn a little if you really move the mouse to the left or right. You also turn rather than strafe with the keys a and d.

    Hope that clears thing up a bit.
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    Cheers guys for the answers. I think its just a matter, of me getting used to it. Running in to things etc. . Just sprint in one direction and thats for cover
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    I think they went a little overboard though. Last time I watched a baseball or football game, the players seem to be able to change direction a little better than my grunt when running at full speed.
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