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    I think you haven't run the setup properly, I was in the same scenario my friend recommended to run the setup properly and yeah I would also like to mention your computer or the console should have proper configuration to run the game.
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    Oh, I also have the same problem
    I only see a sort of an updating window for a fraction of a second, then nothing happens.
    Thank you for your help.
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    There is a way to bypass the auto-updater. You will find two executable files for the game in the game's program file. You can create a shortcut of the one that is not connected to the updater.
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    Plays fine, can't update, cant save

    Originally Posted by rayodonovan Go to original post
    Hi there, I have exactly the same problem. I'm loading from a CD bought in a shop. I've tried it on my laptop which has Vista, and my Desktop which has Windows 7.

    Any help appreciated.
    I installed from my original CD and also get the prompt to update. I go through the motions and can play the game fine on Win 7 Ultimate. I have new hardware, but everything works like it did before, except I can't save my progress and the update doesn't stick. I get prompted to update every time and I lose everything from previuous session.

    What's up?
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